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Tuna Jerky Dog treats eating guide, By Archie dog – VIDEO

Archie eating tuna jerky dog treats Australia

I sell healthy meat based Dog Treats. That is my mission, based on the best health outcomes for dogs. That is why I also sell the Blackdog Range which as a base has 80% meat dog treats in its range.

Very rarely can I safely push the envelope on choosing one of their treats over another but I have to say out of all the dog treats I stock, Tuna Jerky which I get from a local Melbourne Supplier and brand myself beats almost everything for nutrition and organic value other than Kangaroo meat products.

In fact at home my dog is on a raw meat offal and bones diet, and the main dog treats I will regularly give him at night time are either 100% roo based like tendons or jerky’s or the outstanding 100% Tuna Jerky we stock.

People think of tuna as what you get on a can and spread on your sandwiches. It has got really trendy over the last few years, being put in tiny cans, with a few additives, a can colour change and a drastic increase in price.

Why tuna jerky dog treats as the healthy alternative for your dog

Firstly it is a sea based animal meaning that it has more natural minerals than land based animals

Secondly it has a unique protein profile that is a perfect bio available  essential amino acid supplement to your dog food man made kibble or wet food.

Third it has high Omega 3 (being a deep sea fish) it is fished under licence, (humans get the biggest pieces) and it is low fat, meaning your dog won’t get fat

Tuna Jerky is also very crunch. Unlike the canned stuff, when dried tuna jerky become hard and a little bit brittle, but makes for a perfect hewing texture for all dogs.  It doesn’t last as long as big pieces of beef or roo, because it comes in smaller chunks, but each chunk does take a considerable time to chew, hence why I video-ed my dog eating it.

Essentially if you wanted to construct the perfect dog food or meat based dog treat, you would be hard pressed to put anything else on the list than Tuna Jerky already has.

If you are not sure if your dog likes fish (mine doesn’t eat wet fish all that much (but loves dried tuna jerky) – you have the option of buying small economical packs, until you step up to the big savings bulk packs.  Store correctly in your pantry and they will last many months !

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