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Ling Fish Skins Dog treats eating guide VIDEO

Archie eating ling fish skins

Archie eating ling fish skins Ling fish skins and the incredible chewing dog treat.

Truth be known, fish skins are one of the fastest growing dogs treats around but one of the lesser known.  Their function is to basically provide long chewing time, and not be a choking hazard.

In the included clip we have a border collie and a spoodle each doing their best to devour them, but as you will see they make little progress on them. That is the whole point !

The reason why fish skins are taking over from rawhide and pigskins is several fold.  Rawhide has been shown to be little more than second grade leather, with little nutritional value and a potential intestine blocking and choking hazard. It is very far removed from being called natural.  A lot of dogs love pig products, particularly pigs ears, but many owners are realising that these are moderately high in fat and some dogs can plow through quite a few in a short time.

You can feed your dog some of our big dried bone range, but again, its what you feel comfortable with. My dog Archie is relatively small and has a soft retriever mouth, so large hard bones are wasted in him.

Ling skins organic low fat dog treat

These are several of the main reasons people buy them as dog treats for their dogs.

Ling fish are an eel like fish. They are caught under licence and dried correctly to be used as dog treats. They are sea based rather than land based, so often have more minerals in them than land farmed animals that graze on over grazed land.

Their skin has naturally better quality fish oils and are low fat too.

The chewing quality of these treats depends on what kind of dog you have. A massive powerful breed dog will demolish these in no time. Most dogs under 20 Kg should have a reasonable amount of chewing on each one.

These treats are also soft with a rope like a feel to them, so they won’t risk breaking teeth on them.

Some people prefer a salmon skin, and that’s great if you can get it at a reasonable price or can dry it yourself, but ling skins represent a low fat, organic, healthy dog treat chew alternative that few other treats an compete with.

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