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Chicken Strips Healthy Dog treats eating guide, By Archie dog

Archie dog eats 100% chicken dog treats

The curious case of Chicken dog treats in Australia.

If you buy chicken dog treats from the supermarket, chances are that you are going to get little more than you get in dog food, around 30%.

In the blackdog range of dog treats I sell they have a base level of 80% chicken meat in most of their dog treats except for the chicken breast fillet which is virtually 100% (has some soy and vitamins added for nutritional value).

The point about chicken is that its one of the most universally used meats in dog food, because its cheap and available. Even if you buy beef and kangaroo mixed treats (not 100% jerkys etc). you are most likely going to get some chicken meat in the mix.

 What is remarkable about our HDT chicken strips?

Typically in Australia you will find if you want 100% Australia chicken meat, and 100% chicken, you tend to pay a high premium price.  That kind of meat is used for human consumption, exported or just basically too high a price to be used in dog food or dog treats.

Chicken from overseas from good sources are not a problem. If you are concerned about overseas sources, then be aware that the majority of dog food sold in Australia is from overseas (much from America) and often their sources are from other countries too such as China. Even if you buy Australian dog food, you might be getting grain from overseas – unless you pay a big premium. Perhaps you wont even know where it comes from.

Dog food will use chicken meal (dried various bits of chicken) or chicken by-products (which has any part of the chicken included (including beaks and feet). The trick with using 100% chicken meat is that manufacturers cant use cheaper cuts of offal or grains to smooth-out the look. They almost all use some kind of natural food colouring dye – because humans just don’t buy white chicken meat for their dogs –  same as why chicken chips for humans are bright yellow.

So the remarkable thing about HDT branded chicken strips is that they are 100% Australian and 100% chicken meat (not other meats, offal or grains added).  They are only coloured a little (like any chicken meat that is not white) and pressed into strips for dog owner convenience.

You will see that these strips eaten by Archie in the video don’t give him an incredible eating challenge (they are not as held together like beef and roo jerky) nor as hard as tuna jerky. But most people don’t buy 100% chicken dog treats because they are the longest lasting treats on earth, they buy them for the meat content and the nutrition that 100% meat provides!

That said, this one chicken strip dog treat I fed to my spoodle in this video clip takes over two minutes to eat.  He was fed this in the middle of the day, not immediately after his morning run, nor just before dinner time when he would be the most hungry – but he was still hungry enough.

If you want a premium chicken based meat dog treats at a very affordable price, made in Australia with Australian meat – then our HDT brand is what you need.


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