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Do you buy dog treats because they are cheap, have good pictures or you know the brand?

Healthy dogs eat healthy treats

Healthy dogs eat healthy treats Do you buy dog treats because …

1. Dog treats and the initial cheapness  

Some people might be attracted to cheap treats, but will they be cheap by the time you add postage?  We have sourced the most cost effective postage/ courier solution, and our treats were already one of the cheapest on the internet (even though they are meat and a premium product) ..

But some people shop by product type (ie meat only, or pigs ears) and buy from the first site they land on.

Price doesnt seem to always correlate with the quality of a product, and perhaps that is why you need to look at the ABOUT US section of a site?

2. Dog treats and the allure of Good  pictures

This has definitely been one of the things we have missed out on in the past.  Using Manufacturer images that are a varied range of lighting, backdrop and reflections is probably a bad mistake. its something that we have put up with for a while, but we are now endeavouring to clean up what you see of the dog treat image. 

We know they are the best in Australia, now we have to take the kind of pictures that entice you to at least sample the small packs.

Dog treats and the brands you know

Unfortunately with the brilliance of the American advertising machine since the 60’s, advertising and the ability to recall and advert or a brand name is very related to sales.

People unfortunately relate brand name and an advert with the quality of a product, when really it related to a massive corporations ability to spend a lot of money on advertising, usually at the expense of the quality of a product.

There is no way that a big expensive campaign for a dog treat that cost a lot of money to make, can result in a cheap price product. One of those variables has to be imaginary and usually it is either the input to the dog treat (ie no or little meat) or false economy in the pricing.

I have lost count of the number of times that I have been asked about selling S – XXX  the grain and sugar equivalent of the worst human fast food you can imagine. But the prevalence of ads in all media featuring an animated dog, has convinced people that this is a good product?!  Yes, people spend way too much time working out what human things they want to buy for themselves that they take the short cut on what they buy for their dog.

All we can do here is advertise how we can, and wait for people to read the text and sample the product to find out for themselves that healthy for a dog, can actually be tasty for them too. 


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