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What are gourmet dog treats and why buy them?

gourmet dog treats

gourmet dog treats Gourmet dog treats are very trendy right now

I am not that surprised at how everyone is jumping on the gourmet dog treats band wagon at the moment.

healthy and natural dog treats used to be trendy for a while too.

but unfortunately healthy and naturally got hi-jacked by the green lobby that thought dogs eating meat was unethical or something. You know a dog eating what it was evolved to eat was suddenly wrong. Well, not so much wrong, as expensive for the giant money making corporate(s) to want to put an ingredient that cost real money (like meat) into their pretend treats.

And so now with cooking shows on the rise, the marketing geniuses at pet food companies have decided to start calling things gourmet and ultimate or any other jazzed up wrongly used label they can get their advertising hands on.

Why Gourmet dog treats are doing your dog harm

Gourmet tends to have garnishes, fat, sugars and all the bells and whistles that you would normally attribute to human snack foods (like premium chocolate).

As I have relentlessly mentioned in these blogs, dogs were evolved to eat meat, and their systems are still craving meat, and you can’t get essential amino acids, in proper bioavailable form from plant matter and grains, so that is why meat based dog treats are a vital supplement to any dog fed a regular manufactured dog food diet or fed grains and veggies at home by the owner.

If you want to feed your dog the best, it’s not “gourmet”.  Its raw meat from an animal. If you want to feed them the second best, its dried REAL MEAT, in the form of very little processes meat based dog treat.  Next would be a high meat content dog treat (the main things I sell on this site, besides straight meat treats).

Lastly you would want things that have added sugar, salts and vegetable matter. Added fats for flavour all out of proportion from what a dog would normally eat if it caught its own prey.

Please consider what you feed your dog with regular grain based dog foods, and the last thing a dog needs is a NON MEAT based gourmet dog treat with a pretty picture on the pack of meat (that generally is a very low percentage of the treat, if at all).


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