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Can dogs eat calamari? Here’s an octopus eating guide by Archie and Healthy Dog Treats

Archie dog eating octopus dog treat

Archie dog eating octopus dog treat Having been in the healthy dog treat business for years and using nutrition data tables for analysis I have always favored the original natural dog diet (meat offal and bones). But for people who regularly feed pellets, 100% meat dog treat products are even more important for their health.   Manufactured dog food usually has up to 30% meat in it, but that meat is typically chicken, beef, lamb or fish. No variety, no different amino acid profiles. OCTOPUS is high in protein, organic, low in fat essentially the best dog treat a dog can get besides Roo dog treats!

Can dogs eat calamari?

Many dogs like fish, and owners give them deep sea fish for their Omega 3. But if you are giving it out of cans, you don’t know  if the oil is damaged in the heat treatment process. Elimination diets (to check for dog allergies) involve a meat and a vegetable that dogs don’t often eat. The reasoning is that a food that a dog has not been exposed to before is unlikely for them to instantly have an allergic reaction to.

Octopus is so rare in the dog treat world that it is unlikely to have been eaten by your dog before and so is very likely to have no allergy reactions. Our Octopus is sourced locally in Melbourne (ensuring you know where the stock comes from). and is fished under Australian Licences by local fishermen.


Octopus dog treat eating guide

Like all our major treats, I have provided a video on the left column or our website of a dog eating the dog treat.  This provides people the ever important answer of how long does it last, how easy is it to chew.

My Spoodle Archie is 8 in this video, but due to his twice daily off lead dog park walks, and excellent raw meat and offal diet, his fitness and chewing power is above average for his breed.

In the video you will see that he is eating one of the 200g pack pieces of Octopus, as currently we cut the bulk sized octopus heads into strips.  They come to us in bulk packs as circular or ellipse pieces of brown flexible meat about 2-3 mm thick.  They are very easy to cut with regular scissors.

The texture is softer than almost any of the other jerky’s (until completely dried out) meaning that while they are not a hard treat like Roo tendons, they while still require a fair amount of chewing like chewing gum for a dog to get into the right sized pieces for swallowing.

Octopus dog Treat Nutrition facts

Octopus is organic (because it is not farmed and so doesn’t have the usual growth hormones or pesticides that can leak into regular land farmed cattle and poultry.

It only has 2% fat and of that fat only 1% is saturated.

The protein of ANY different animals has a unique essential amino acid profile RAW octopus from data tables 100g provides 30% of an adult human so will completely cover any sized dog under 50 Kg.  And this is raw WET octopus- you can multiply any of these values by three to account for the dry form of the dog treat. It is useful to feed your dog different meat sources so that they can have a variety of amino acids to choose from in their digestion – the more variety the better.

While Octopus has every one of the major vitamins in it (see table) it is an exceptional source of vitamin B12.  And regardless of this high amount is not toxic to humans or dogs because it is water soluble and will pass through our systems if in excess of requirements. The mineral table shows that Octopus is an exceptional source of clean IRON, phosphorus, Copper and most importantly the moderately rare Selenium (which is often stripped from farm lands years ago).

As you can see in the video, my dog is loving this 100% sea meat product – without the need for added salt, sugar, flavours or ANYTHING.  If your dog loves (supermarket) or grain based dog treats, they are doing so because of all the added flavours, it has nothing to do with the grains in it.  Most dogs get plenty of grain in their regular diet, so why not REALLY TREAT your dog to one of the healthiest, most unique dog treats on the planet. Octopus !

The following nutrition information is a GUIDE ONLY – information supplied by

 Octopus (raw) General Nutriton & Protein/ Amino Acid Profile

Octopus Nutrition factsOctopus Protein amino acid nutrition table

Octopus (raw) Vitamin & Mineral Conent (from data nutrition tables)

Octopus raw Vitamin Data TableOctopus raw VITAMIN data table example


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