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Kangaroo bars as dog treats tested for chewing.

roo-bars-dog treat

While I prefer meat jerky treats (100%) many people prefer little bite size piece treats or treats that are very easy to break off when they are out with their dogs.

Kangaroo bars fill this need by being very affordable and easy to eat for any size dog.

Roo bars have replaced roo strips and are essentially the same composition as Kangaroo Crinkles that we still sell (2016).  the ingredients list is shown below  but that doesn’t tell the whole story.

With most dog food being 30% meat, it is refreshing to find a dog treat like kangaroo bars that are 80% plus meat. They do this by having the majority of the meat is the kangaroo, with chicken added for a regular taste and to make the bars affordable.

With meat making up the bulk of the treat it means that wheat is less than 20% of the treat (about four times less than in some dog foods).

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Road testing kangaroo bars – the video

As you will see by the video below,  Roo bars take a fair bit of chewing by the average dog – and that’s because wheat acts as a great binder to make sure that the treat doesn’t simply fall about. The high meat content though separates it from many of the dog treats available at supermarket or specialty stores which often have the same amount of meat or less than dog food.

While these treats are very affordable (per gram) and you get FIVE bars in a pack, they are even more value in the big bulk packs.

While I prefer 100% jerkies you will find even the healthiest dog treats that have wheat in them also have a few other ingredients thrown in to increase palatability (just like dog food). I know that some people had human grade food colour, even for humans, but like many treats these are died slightly browner to appease owners who think that roo treats should be that colour. The vast majority of dogs have little or no reaction to human grade food colouring, that is only a few drops at most. My dog has no reaction, and he is a high allergy dog.

ROO BAR ingredient and content analysis

Typical analysis: Protein 20.9%, Fat 11%, Fibre 0.3% Salt 2%

Ingredients: Roo meat, Chicken meat, Wheat flour, water, sugar, salt, Potassium Sorbate, colour (124)

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