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Ling Fish Skin Dog Treats Organic Occupier treats – VIDEO

Ling fish skins dog treats

Ling fish skins dog treats This might be one of the ultimate’s in low fat, low kilo joule, high fibre, safe and long chewing (for small and medium sized dogs, dog treats around !


This is a very simplistic Australian Caught (sustainably) 100% animal product, single ingredient and all of the good things you come to expect from Healthy Dog treats. Its main purpose is OCCUPYING a dog in chewing then eating something completely natural (animal based) for them. IN particular they provide:

OCCUPATION – or stopping boredom. Many artificial treats with vegetable based and additives and colourings are used as ‘chew toys’ or large corporation ‘dog chews’. But those have virtually NO health values for a dog.

In the case of Ling fish skins, they are simply the fish of the Ling fish, that is usually discarded after the fish is filleted, which is wrapped around like twine into a short pen like structure, and dried. They occupy a dog, because they have a mild fish smell, and Omega 3, naturally in the skin making them quite ‘more-ish for many dogs.

NUTRITION – We always recommend the MEAT jerkies (100%) for people wanting supplement food for their dogs. This treat is mostly about mid to long chewing (for small dogs), that is low in energy, so that they don’t add to your dogs weight. For people concerned about giving their dogs bones for safety issues, Ling fish skin dog treats are a perfect alternative.

DOG TYPE – Due to the relatively small size of this treat, they are most suitable for small and medium sized dogs. Large dogs can still enjoy them, and they will fill them up without adding to their weight, but we find that most people buy these treats as a healthy animal based alternative to bones and vegetable based treats. Something that smaller dogs can chew safely.


PROS – Being Organic (caught in the open sea) and Low energy, means your dog can eat almost as many of these as they want without risking weight gain. They are single ingredient with a small amount of natural animal oil, so many dogs will naturally be attracted to the treat, without having to be fooled into eating it by addition of sugar or added salt. This is Single ingredient Australian dog treat!

CONS – None as such. Just that chewing time wont be long for big dogs.


This is truly one of the hidden gems in the dog treat world. They are sold by weight, so even though the twisted skins vary in size, you will get the weight quantity you buy each time. Note, seasonally we also get Salmon skins in, but on occasion their demand can push their price higher than ling fish skins. To the untrained eye, they look very similar and provide the same chewing function.

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