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Natural recipes to treat canine Arthritis

Dogs playing NO arthritis

Arthritis is a major disease in dogs that typically is developed as a dog ages, like humans. However, there are some simple, effective and cheap NATURAL dog foods that can control the pain and increase movement in dogs with zero side effects that may have occurred when using prescription drugs.

Arthritis dog issues

The main type of arthritis in dogs is osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease as its more commonly known name. Types of degeneration include hip dysplasia, knee dysplasia and elbow dysplasia that are often caused by malformed joints at birth.

The pain is caused by either the swelling and inflammation of the joints pushing on nerves, and the misalignment of bones due to the heads of the joints deteriorating and not fitting anymore.

When the joints deteriorate too much, surgery can help correct the shapes, taking care of some of the pain, but it doesn’t treat the CAUSE of the arthritis.

Instead what is suggested is to treat the symptoms and practice PREVENTION methods because there is no solution to this illness yet. By practicing some of these methods and adding these natural ingredients to your dogs’ diet, you should see tremendous improvements in your dogs’ health.

The most common form of arthritis pain in dogs is usually caused by the cartilage in the joint gradually deteriorating. Often the bones might have originally been misshaped but the inflammation is caused by the cartilage separating and the bone grating together.


There are two treats in particular that are natural supplements to reducing arthritis pain in dogs; shark cartilage and green lipped mussels. This is because glucosamine and chondroitin are found within these dog treats and are known to repair cartilage and keep bones healthy.

Shark cartilage improves joint mobility, lameness and can improve a dogs’ weight bearing on affected bones. Shark cartilage should be bought in either stick or powdered form because they are cheaper than similar products found at vets and they have EIGHT active alkaloids in them making them the NATURAL and most EFFICIENT dog treat for short term pain relief.

Green lipped mussels are often seen as even being more advanced in their prevention and relief of pain in dogs with arthritis because they block pro-inflammatory reactions. However, their price mark is significantly higher because they come from NZ and are a highly regarded ingredient to humans.

Natural recipes to treat canine Arthritis

While there are some recommended feeding amounts and recipes for both ingredients, you can just add these treats to your dogs’ diet. The best method for providing these treats is to dry them gently (rinsing them of the saltwater) and directly feeding them to your dog. Do note that if you add or grind these ingredients into your dogs treats you are diluting the nourishment of the treats.

Maintaining a lower weight on the bones and keeping your dog slim is a prime importance for assisting in arthritis treatment. Both of these treats are great for your dog because they are low fat. Shark cartilage even naturally cleans your dogs’ teeth when they chew it.

Another benefit of these dogs’ treats are that the dosage requirement is relatively low and you don’t have reduce your dogs’ calorie intake much. I only give my dog three medium sticks per day and he has shown incredible improvement in his arthritis treatment. He was diagnosed with lameness in his elbow joints at 8 years old and now at 12 he shows no lameness.

We suggest for storage that these treats are in a pantry with no light, no exposure to heat and there be no air in the package. This will preserve he active ingredient and maintain the potency of the shark cartilage and green lipped mussels.


If you would like to do some additional reading on the reduction and prevention of arthritis in dogs, you should check out our articles on Shark Cartilage and Green-Lipped Mussels in our Nutrition Section.

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