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Kangaroo jerky dog treats – Why the experience is as good as its healthiness.

kangaroo jerky-dog-eating

kangaroo jerky-dog-eating Any healthy dog treat fan knows that Kangaroo Jerky is just about the healthiest dog treat ever.

kangaroo Jerky is High in Omega 3 (the healthy fats) and one of the cleanest meats and proteins around (organic if they don’t eat from non organic farmer properties).

Of course the meat is 100% Australian, and we are 100% Australian (owned and operated)  but what you should really know about this hypo allergenic meat is the EXPERIENCE of a dog eating it.

Great that its healthy, but this is why your dog loves the PROCESS too.


Most dogs, even ones who have never eaten Roo jerky will be intrigued by the smell, then love eating it. Like any free-range animal, the meat has a particularly more ‘gamey’ smell and taste than farmed meat that most humans and dogs know like beef or lamb.  It is much lower in fat, but its really the strong smell amplified by the extraction of water that lures a dog first of all.

ANY new food or meat source (because of the new protein) can take a dog a while to get used to, so we always recommend introducing any meat, including roo jerky, slowly to reduce the chance of upset stomachs.  But invariably roo meat is used by vets in exclusion diets for the very reason that most dogs are not allergic or overly sensitive to it.

WHY large dogs should have kangaroo jerky.

Because of all of the high-end nutritional value (clean meat protein species suitable, not vegetable matter).  If you feed raw or cooked roo jerky to a large dog, they will usually wolf it down and yes they get nutrition, but no joy of the chewing and shredding unless you are feeding them slabs of meat. A large powerful dog won’t be stopped for long with roo jerky, but they do take a while longer to eat a dried roo jerky piece than soft raw or cooked versions.

Why Medium and small dogs love Roo jerky

For the experience of it.  Large powerful dogs can chew and break any size bone down, but smaller and medium dogs often can’t break bones, and it can present a health hazard if they don’t chew enough and try to swallow the pieces too fast.  So Kangaroo jerky is perfect for smaller and medium-sized dogs. For these animals, it’s all about longer chewing and ripping meat based dog treat. Dogs don’t have flat teeth for long grinding of grains like their vegetarian cousins. So they absolutely relish the ripping process of meat with their sharp front teeth.

One of my dog’s major joys in live is lying down and holding the roo pieces between his paws as he works out how to get the best access to ripping it with his teeth.  As he rips and shreds ( as all good carnivores do) he also inadvertently cleans his teeth and strengthens his gums and jaws.  This is 1,000 percent more fun and natural than using a vegetable stick or manually cleaning your dog’s teeth with a human-designed dog toothbrush.

And of course, while he is in literal earthbound dog heaven, I know that he is having the most primal healthy low-fat dog experience that his ancestors had.  This is just cut and dried dog treats, no additives no preservatives and no recombining of anything, making the dried meat as strong as it can be.

If you are a real dog lover you will understand the joy that you can get from watching your dog ‘go to town’ on the healthiest meat based dog treats around.  Probably the reason why I enjoyed filming Archie eating most of the dog treats on the site and putting the videos on the left-hand column of the site.

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