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PRESS RELEASE – The little Melbourne Dog Treat Company that broke the mould.

healthy dog treat customers

healthy dog treat customers Maybe its because I come from a small outback town (Broken Hill). But my core values of life and business have always been integrity, honesty and providing unprecedented value and service … along with dog treats.

Its been a long time since I lived in my hometown but I still believe in value for money. Now that I work exclusively in the dog industry (i am a pro dog walker and dog treat retailer) I have used my engineering background to analyse and sell the dog species what it evolved to eat, MEAT. I also believe in old fashioned service, so that is why our online store is more like a corner shop than an soulless warehouse.

This press release is about letting the world know that the small players still have something to offer the world. Something the big players can’t or don’t want to do.

The main reason that we are different is that we are small, focussed and give advice based on dog needs not on product that we want to push. When you call us, you don’t get a pimply school kid who would rather not be working there, or a manager who knows nothing about the actual dog treats. You get the owner, me.

This is not about me trying to sell you a specific treatment. It’s about getting the word out about the impending revolution in dog treats, going back to the original food source (MEAT) and the ‘why’.

HERE is the breakthrough I discovered about 6 years. There is a reason for dogs eating meat (not grain or veggies).  It has to do with evolving from the wolf only 20,000 years ago and their internals remaining essentially the same. What if we told you that we have specifically written papers and advised clients on these 100% meat based dog treats to promote genuine dog health and assist with health issues, not just our margins? THAT by providing real information to clients they can make informed decisions rather than just relying on the convenience of the dog food oligopolies.

We only sell healthy dog treats (hence the name) and below are some of the common problems we regularly solve, and have written specific articles about:

Typical dog diet issues, solved:

  • NATURAL meat chewing treats for puppies
  • Long chewing meat treats/ bones for big powerful breed dogs
  • Skin allergies reduced (often in cross-breed dogs)
  • Anti-arthritis natural chemicals found in meat and animal products.
  • Low fat treats for pancreatic and obese dogs

Our company has produced many articles heralding the value of meat such as for its bio-availability to the dog’s body – which just can’t be substituted. Did you know that meat is put into dog food  mostly to achieve the minimum ‘essential amino acid’ requirements (as defined by affco tables on each dog food pack).

While all dogs love the taste of meat, it is still actually the best and healthiest thing for them.  No one denies that, but adding real meat, quality meat, to any dog food or dog treat does considerably boost the manufacturing cost of a treat. And that is why so few companies specialise in meat based dog treats. We figured if we really cared about our dogs, we would source only the best meat based treats for them, the way nature really intended.

So what kind of numbers is a meat based dog treat market in Australia?

With around 4.8 million dogs in Australia and 97% of owners feeding their dogs a commercial food diet, you might think that there is little space for a meat based dog treat company. But those 3% of owners can verge on fanatical with their love of their dog.

That 3% who make their own dog food, sometimes fall for the trap of listening to the global giants who use 70% grain or vegetables in their pack. The large corporate players usually skip the high grain loading part and instead talk about trace ingredients like blueberries and kale they put into the pack.  Its all icing on a mud cake, and just as nutritious.

Three percent of the dog population is a little over 100,000 dogs in Australia that are on a home-made diet. BUT the fact remains that many people who feed their dogs supermarket kibble, also visit us for advice and ‘treats’.

What separates our company besides the quality meat products and good prices?

We pride ourselves on being a DOG TREAT only company.  We don’t service other species and that also means we keep just enough product to keep it fresher than any other company can.

We have a company philosophy based on the needs of dogs, not on our own goals.

Even if you suspect that dogs might be getting duped by being turned into vegetarians … even if you accept only half of the science claims  and dog tests we have found, surely there is enough doubt in feeding dogs a mainly vegetable diet to understand that the vast majority of their base diet should be meat.

Some people say they can’t afford meat for their dog every day (or the time it takes to prepare), or still aren’t convinced that dogs require a mostly carnivore raw diet. So we make it easier for them to get meat into their dogs diet by assisting them with a specific feeding issue (such as long lasting natural treats) or helping treat dog health issue with a meat based dog treat solution.

Call it a “treat”, a “solution” or a “supplement”, the health benefits are clear and getting more obvious than the regular option of just feeding your dogs MORE grain into their diets.

The revolution is slow, but just like Nick in the Great Gatsby …  perhaps its like this :  “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”…. when dogs ate meat. 


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