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HOKI blue grenadier dog treat nutrition and eating demonstration – VIDEO

hoki-blue-grenadier-dog treat-dog eating

hoki-blue-grenadier-dog treat-dog eating Owners who have already tried fish with their dogs are generally very pleasantly surprised with the results. 

When you consider how much grains our dogs eat each year, it’s curious that some people can think that fish are only for their cats!

HOKI or blue grenadier nutrition has a special place in our fish line up of dog treats.

For one thing it is currently the only true fish in the line up (we have flake and octopus too). It has a similar reddish colour to the tuna we used to carry, but is a much more affordable option.

Its small size piece also means that it is instantly easy for ANY dog to eat, and so it’s a great dog food supplement as well as being an excellent dog treat!

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why might you be interested in feeding your dog fish?  Well besides the health benefits of Omega 3 in its truest form, from animals (for maximum bio availability) it is also very low fat and or course organic.

The bonus is that since it is caught in local Southern Australian waters, it is also likely to be much cleaner than overseas stock.

Why fish in particular?

Its about switching up the protein types your dog gets.  They probably already get overloaded with vegetable proteins that are nowhere near as digestible as most meat proteins.

But chances are that your dog mainly eats beef, chicken or lamb as its main meat.

This is because these are farmed and easy cheapest access meats for the dog food companies.  But then again many dog food companies use a lot of by-products in their pellets and cans.  Offal is important to a dog, but they need clean human grade offal to be healthiest.

Different animals have a different protein profile and different chemical compositions of essential amino acids that they need to maintain health and growth. FISH protein is quite different from the regular land based animals that most dogs get access to, and its the variation in animal based protein sources that make your dog the healthiest and happiest in life.

We brag about how some of our treats are big and tough, for the biggest chewers around, however sometimes you just want very clean very healthy fish protein to be available to every dog. Hence why the small pieces of hoki are so great for ALL dogs of any age.

 Happy trails and good chewing !

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