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Hoki morsels 100g

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Pure nutrition morsels.


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HOKI FISH – morsels – Healthy Dog Treat –  Australia

If you want fish for your dog, but dont want them spending time ripping and chewing it apart, our small morsel sized Hoki fish dog treat is the solution.

Hoki already comes in small pieces (up to 80 mm usually and thin), but that doesn’t always make it easy to feed to older dogs, or to feed the same amount each time. Our morsel/ small crumb form means you can easily measure by the spoon to add to your dogs main meals.

We dont pulverise or powder this treat, this is just the regular treat in much smaller pieces, some very small some a centimetre or so in length. But is all high quality 100% HOKI.

Hoki has an off-white flesh that becomes golden when dried. The great attraction to dogs is that it is also has more flavour than most other white fish and is packed full of very healthy Omega 3.  The strong scent also makes the treat attractive to most dogs.

Hoki Oil is also sold by itself for dogs due to its ability to restore hair to strong sheen. It is also said to reduce skin irritation and has natural arytenoids that boost the immune system and delay retinal aging.

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