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Beef Puff Dog Treat, a low cost 100% beef treat solution – Instructional VIDEO

beef-puff-dog-eating-dog treat

beef-puff-dog-eating-dog treat Spoiler alert, beef puffs are 100% animal dog treat.  They are made with high-quality beef lung which means they are very light and airy dog treat.

Being lung they are essentially similar in protein and mineral composition to beef meat, so it’s mostly the texture and method of eating that you and your dog will be interested in.

The big bonus for people buying these treats besides the volume is that they are typically lower in fat than regular beef treats and that while the puffs start out hard (on the surface) a persistent crunch of your dog’s jaw will see the treat soon collapse into a myriad or meat particles.  it goes from being a full intact treat, to completely edible in small parts, very quickly.

This treat has a higher crunch value than any other treat on the market!

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In the animal lung arena, you can usually buy either in long thing slabs like this beef puff or in cube format.

It is true that the cube format makes it easier to pop smaller amounts of treats into your dog’s mouth, however, the manufacturing method to produce the cubes usually results in a significantly higher price for what is essentially the same product.

One thing that most other companies neglect to mention is that being more similar to muscle meat than organs, these treats are not too rich for any dog to eat who hasn’t had a lot of meat in their diet previously.

So while they might look like a slightly wider version of beef liver, they are far less likely to cause any stomach upsets of a dog eating an equivalent size of the very nutrient dense beef liver.


That is why beef puffs shapes are ideal in nutrition and shape/ texture.

A recap, beef lungs are:

  • 100% Australia, 100% cow lung.
  • They are slowly dried to maintain nutrition
  • There are NO additives or preservatives of any kind.
  • Cow lungs, like all animal lungs, have a matrix of air chambers throughout them, making them exceptionally light, and meaning you get a lot of volume for your gram/ dollar.

 Happy trails and good chewing!

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