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Dog Treat bones and the search engines Alternative facts.

Alternative dog treat bones are fake

Alternative dog treat bones are fake Here’s the thing. Since most people under 20 have been raised on search engines, many of our population believe the results that turn up. After all browser companies spend millions on making searches more relevant.

So how is it that at the top of a search for “bones dog treats” we get five images of everything EXCEPT a REAL dog treat bone?

Alternative facts and dog bone treat in Australia.

Have we become so Americanised that we can’t even tell a real bone from an animal when we see one?  Sure our dog food is full of grain, but if something is advertised as a BONE, shouldn’t it be A BONE?

If you look at the image in this article we see one set of GREEN compressed vegetable matter (bone shaped) and four rawhide (cheap leather) products masquerading as bones.

If you have read any other articles on the internet or this healthy dog treat site, you will realise that many people consider dogs to be carnivores and in need of meat and animal products as their major food source.  Compressed green bone shaped vegetables are the last thing you should feed your dog.

And I have also written articles on the danger of rawhide dog treats (as has most of the internet) warning that both the material (cheap leather) and additives are harmful to most dogs, some also causing blockages in your dog.


Are not surprisingly, from animals – the primary thing that wolves and wild dogs hunt for their MAIN FOOD SOURCE.  This means they evolved to eat the whole of the animal including REAL bones.  Bones provide calcium, fibre and extremely nutritious NATURAL marrow fat. While most dogs cant access the marrow in a big bone that is fine. My dog is on a mostly raw diet and gets his calcium via raw chicken necks.

The main reason that any kind of real bone dog treat warning is out there is that very rarely a dog with massive jaw pressure will chew bones too fast and eat big parts too fast and that can cause harm.  For the other 99% of dogs out there that can’t break down the main parts of animal bones, they just enjoy chewing the end pieces. Its a natural primal thing and better than any dog chew toy.

We also sell bones such as lamb necks dog treats, roo tail pieces dog treats, roo hip pieces dog treats bones that have a sizeable proportion of dried meat on them. If you have a small to mid-sized dog, with moderate jaw pressure, then these kinds of bones can provide entertainment and nutrition.

While a dog can choke on anything, raw hide is still one of that major concerns by vets. We always recommend the first time that you give your dog a dog treat or bone, that you watch how they eat them. Can they eat them at a measured pace and can you trust them to eat them alone at home?

Back to the original title – don’t you marvel that an advertiser can pay money to appear for a phrase like “bones dog treats” and not actually have a bone to sell. BUT the search engine is proud to take the money and put these images and links to the sellers website at the top of the browser page, before any company (like ours) appears in the organic search part of the page?

This is how alternative truths become fact.  If you see these “bones” at the top of a trusted search engine year after year, then surely they are the same if not better than a REAL bone?  Unfortunately on every conceivable count, this is so wrong.  If you want to see real bones you can buy your dog, they are all shown in our BONE dog treat category on our site.


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