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Affordable Beef Jerky dog treats in Australia

beef-jerky-dog treats

beef-jerky-dog treats Today I was reviewing dog treat news and an article from the UK was making the point that some dog treats were now costing more than a kilo of prime steak from ” top class butcher,”  See the quotes in the Appendix below.

They compared a ” liver dog treats (that) costs £3.99 for a 40g packet” with the cost of prime human beef steak per kg.

At current exchange rates ( x 1.62) that means the dog treat is  $6.54 AUD per 40 g. or   $24.52  per  150 g.  You might be happy to know that our 150g bag of beef liver dog treats costs $5.39 per 150g bag, in March 2017, or 21% of their UK equivalent!

I have a fairly strong view that they cherry picked that dog treat from a high end store in a high end suburb, or at least from a convenience store somewhere. But the reality is that you are not comparing steak with steak when you do a random ‘one off’ sample like this.

YES Beef wholesale prices are skyrocketing in Australia, making it difficult for us to keep our dog treat prices down, but if dog treat beef increases, you can pretty much bet that prime human grade steaks are increasing in price too.

How does UK prime steak compare with Aussie’s cheap Beef Dog Treats?

Back to their example.  They say that the human grade beefsteak costs:  “£44 per kg for a top-of-the range steak”  Given our current exchange rate (Uk to AUD),  that makes the steak worth $71.28  a Kg.

But this is RAW steak that is 75% water. If you remove all of the water, that steak is worth $71 for 250g dried Meat. Let’s be generous and say there is still 83g of water in that dried steak, then the kg price equivalent would be more like THREE x  $71 =   $213 Per KG of dried beef.

Now admittedly our cheap beef jerky isn’t probably the same cut as the ” top-of-the range steak” steak source that this UK version is, but it is 100%, single cut steak (not ground down and recomposed). And in fact you want a tough piece of beef jerky for your dog that doesn’t fall apart easily.

Our Bulk beef jerky DOG TREATS price is currently  $44  per Kg.

So comparing the UK top notch dried beef steak to our pretty damn good Dog Beef jerky you get a price difference of  44 / 213 .  Or again our beef jerky dried dog treats is only about 20% of the cost of a prime cut of UK beef (DRIED).

So whether you think that our beef steaks (human grade) are cheap compared to UK steaks, or our 100% meat dog treats are expensive compared to grain filled rubbish at the supermarket, that is your choice. 

But please spare a thought for the little dog in the UK who is eating “£3.99 for a 40g packet”  beef liver. And while you are at it, please consider exactly how good and cheap we in Australia (well if you buy through us) – are getting clean, quality high end meat dog treats !  Especially the beef jerky dog treats !


“Pet owners have been warned that luxury food brands can be worse than cheaper varieties for their animal after a range of dog treats went on sale at twice the price of prime steak. The Lily’s Kitchen range of liver dog treats costs £3.99 for a 40g packet, the equivalent of £99.75 per kilogram. That compares to a price of £44 per kg for a top-of-the range steak from a top class butcher, or even less from a supermarket.  ”

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