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Natural teeth cleaning via meat based treats, not artificial ‘dental’ veggie gum.


dog-teeth The value of the WHOLE meat dog treats? Natural teeth cleaning!

Big dog food companies don’t like adding meat to their dog food or dog treats, it takes away from their bottom line and advertising dollar. This is how you end up with the ridiculous situation of dog owners being sold ‘artificial tools’ (dental sticks) at vets and supermarkets.  These tools are compressed green vegetable rubbish called ‘dog teeth cleaning’ tools.

Before I get into the WHOLE meat dog treat version of ‘teeth cleaning’ more, you should consider why a dog teeth cleaning tool is necessary for dogs at all. Because if in fact the description that a few dog food makers provide that dog pellets ‘scrape the teeth clean’, then surely you wouldn’t need another one of their products to follow that up.

The truth is, that dog food is full of carbs, and carbs are sugar, and the little artificial food grains from dog food pellets or wet food get stuck to the dog’s teeth.  That is what causes dog teeth issues and cavities, let alone providing NO exercise to your dog’s jaw. 

What happens to most dogs that just eat commercial dog food

Most vets will tell you that you will need to brush your dog’s teeth. But most people will not follow this ritual that regularly. This like in humans will often lead to tooth decay or gum issues.  Because you have not regularly brushed your commercial dog food fed dogs teeth regularly you will then probably be advised to or spend a few hundred dollars regularly getting your dogs teeth professionally cleaned by a vet.

This all makes sense until you realised that it was mostly the commercial dog food diet that caused the whole dog teeth problem in the first place. This whole unnecessary cycle means you should probably fork out more for having your dog’s teeth cleaned. Or perhaps you should consider regularly giving WHOLE meat dog treats for your dog to chew?

How WHOLE meat dog treats help teeth and gums

If you feed your dog a WHOLE MEAT dog treat (100%) it has a natural teeth cleaning structure to it. It wasn’t created in a lab, and doesn’t try to imitate nature, it is nature. It holds together itself without artificial binders and gum like in most artificial vegetable based products, and it will NATURALLY clean your dogs teeth as they chew.

It won’t easily fall apart, because it is cut in full strips from the original meat, usually prime strips.  it is also 100% ONE INGREDIENT so you know you are not getting ripped off by low quality meats or animal ‘by products’ that are simply compressed and glued together, like vegetable teeth products or like you will find in some dog foods.

Besides whole meat options like most of our jerkies being an excellent chewing option (occupies them and relives boredom), and cleaning the dogs teeth, it is also obviously better nutrition for your dog than any dog food on the market, because it is 100% meat.

Sure, dog food companies add minerals and vitamins to their dog food, but how else could they differentiate themselves from nature?  How else could they meet the aafco tables minimum standards (set artificially high to preclude people feeding dogs raw natural diets).  BUT the main thing you should be considering when feeding WHOLE MEAT based dog treats, is that you are getting 100% meat. With the natural level of vitamins and minerals, and teeth cleaning thrown in for free.


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