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Our NEW dog treat Functional categories for your dog’s pleasure


Happy-healthy-dog Our last article looks at how we ranked our range into dog chewing ability from small to medium to large.

While that solves many owners problems, we decided to go MANY steps further and re categories our already very extensive range into other functional categories.

We have done this because of the last seven years of emails have often asked us about specific specialty treats and rather than just answer emails individually, we now provide these categories permanently on the left hand side of our site.

These are the niche functional areas that our healthy dog treat range can be categorized into:

Other specialty Dogs Treat Categories

LOW FAT dog treats

This is by far our one of our largest email requests.  Dogs that are obese, sedentary, diabetic or have pancreatitis ALL NEED low fat dog treats.  As we mention in several LOW-FAT articles, these are NATURAL low-fat treat levels – not artificially rendered down.

For us low fat is typically 2-4% ANIMAL fat levels.  And they are mostly from the Kangaroo and Fish categories, though not all fish are low fat. So if you are looking specifically for low fat treats, SINGLE WHOLE INGREDIENT MEAT healthy dog treats, then this is of major value to you.

OFFAL Dog Treats

Offal (organ meats) typically have a bad name, because they are very misunderstood. In raw feeder circles, owners understand the vital part that offal takes in the mix of a dog’s daily diet. They are rich in nutrients and so takes up a small proportion of a total dog diet. However, it should be noted that muscle meats like lungs and heart are not super rich nutrient laden so can be fed as regularly as regular meat treats.

These other offal meats such as beef and lamb cube provide a fantastic light entertaining crunch for dogs and being so low density you can, of course, feed many more without giving too many extra calories/ KJ.

Dog Training treats

The king of dog training treats are beef liver treats, however, there are many different options. Mostly you want them to be small and irresistible, but some people require several chomp training treats rather than single chomp.  This category gives you other options to consider.


We have had this on our site since the early years.  Basically its a mix of a bundle and permanently discounted healthy dog treats and some of the more special hidden gems like croc products that the casual visitor might miss.  Always worth a look if you are after saving extra money on treats or something super special.


There are probably many other ways to slice and dice the dog treat categories on our site. We are always listening and learning from customers, and as we discover new ways of making it easier for you to select your perfect treat combination, we will modify or add new categories for you.

Let the healthy dog treat selection begin …

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