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Archie spoodle dog & the cat drive-by .. VIDEO

Archie waits

To be fair, Archie was in this neighbourhood first.

Archie is highly social, but highly excitable over things that for hundreds of years his breeds were trained to retrieve. While mostly these things are birds and rabbits, it appears that cats may also sneak into this category.

Being a very social retriever, he tends to just get very excited about another species of any size. I have even seen him chase rabbits and stop when the rabbit stops at a fence, waiting for it to continue the chase.

This is a cat that recently moved into a rental home near our house. The cat regularly jumps our fence and marks territory in our yard.  If it was a dog, that action would be seen as very bad form. As it is a cat, it is just going out of its way to entice my dog to chase it.

This video was shot impromptu as I was driving home one day. We drove past this house, and Archie’s nemesis was sitting casually on its own veranda. Archie never used to show such frenzied excitement over cats, but I think as more and more cats have decided to come into his yard, he is upping his excitement level.

Anyway, I thought I might make light of this dog cat interaction by filming how my dog interacts with the cat, the first time he sees it, and what he does when we drive around the block and come back to the same house.

As you will see, the cat is not particularly fazed by all of the commotion, and on the second lap Archie takes a little bit of time recognising that its the same house and the cat is in the same position.

As Archie dog is all harnessed into his seat, there was little risk in showing him the cat. And in a way if the cat continues to pay us visits, I kind of don’t feel that bad by Archie paying the cat a one off visit from the street.

I hope you enjoyed the spirit of fun that this cat drive by was created in.  (ps I also pet sit cats).

Article by Bruce Dwyer. If you wish to use any of this information please refer to the article as a reference and provide a link to

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