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Beagle border collie the puppies playing frantically on grass caught in a VIDEO

border collie & beagle dogs playing

The enclosed video shows two puppies playing.  The reason that it is unique and relatively amazing, is that these two breeds are recognised as very smart dogs and highly effective working dogs.

The border collie is known as one of the smartest dogs on earth, and one of the best herding dogs, while the beagle has one of the greatest dog noses on earth and is one of the oldest and best tracking dogs you will find.

The irony of these facts is that when these breeds hit adulthood, they often leave the inquisitive explorative puppy play far behind and become all about business.

This is great if you use the dogs as working dogs and make a living from them, however as companion dogs these breeds sometimes find it hard to make the transition from puppy to adult without picking up an obsession or struggling with staying social with other dogs.

This is not a universal truth, however, I have met enough of these breeds to know that the puppy and adult versions often react radically different, and can present difficult behavioural issues for their urban owners.

With this background to the dog breeds and the clips, you may now understand why I found it so amazing to see these two great dogs and dog breeds playing so freely together.

The ‘dog smarts’ start early with both dogs coming up with some great play strategies to use their bodies and their particular strengths to great advantage.

Dog play is all about sorting out who is physically superior (or can con the other dog that it is superior) and thus sort out their relative positions in the pack.  In companion dogs and urban environments owners like dogs to play nicely and not turn to aggression. Puppies rarely play viciously, but of course the smarter the dog, the more is at stake for its position in the pack. Even when a dog meets a dog for the first time, and the play encounter is for a short period.

Who do you think ‘won’ out of this encounter?

Article by Bruce Dwyer. If you wish to use any of this information please refer to the article as a reference and provide a link to our WEBSITE.

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