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Archie dog VERY excited at the beach .. VIDEO

archie beach

Every owner knows what placates their dog, and what revs them up.

The beach is my spoodle (cockapoo) dog’s favourite place to get excited. He has always been this way. Being two retriever dogs bred to retrieve fallen birds from water probably adds to this too. But the crashing waves, very dig-able sand and a surface that he can skid around on really tweak this dog into maximum excitement mode.

I guess I made this video to show people what a dominant spoodle can be like during maximum play excitement times.

Anyone who knows my dog and have met him on his daily off lead dog walks knows how friendly and social he is. That is a factor of how we have created him (raising him socially at home), his genes and his constant socialisation. I should note that he never acts like this around dogs he does not know and that don’t give him permission to act out, or other people.

If I didn’t have music on the video you would also here me making noises to over excite him too. Normally this is not a recommended thing, to get a dog ‘too’ excited, however on special occasions, when I feel my dog wants to play hard with me, I allow it. It was just such an occasion that I decided to film it here for you.

At the end of the film you will also notice that he can turn off that level of excitement too as he explores walking along a disused pipeline that goes into the bay. His curiosity at looking at the waves crashing into the pipe overtake his need to run around on sand.

So in summary, this is a rare view of how a cockapoo or spoodle can act. For me it is a healthy expression (within a certain level of supervision) to allow a dog to be a dog and burn their energy quickly. Particularly when it is not a powerful breed that could overcome another dog or person if it got too excited – that is why I enjoy having these rare sessions from time to time with my dog.

Article by Bruce Dwyer. If you wish to use any of this information please refer to the article as a reference and provide a link to

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