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Charlie (maltese Bichon X) multi coloured dog.. playing in long grass VIDEO

Charlie (maltese Bichon X)

Charlie is a very special Maltese cross.  For one he is rainbow coloured dog!  The groomer suggested this and the dog safe colouring has become her trademark.

The other reason she is special is that she is under one year of age, a rescue dog, and very social without any major fears or anxieties.

Rarely have I walked such a settled small dog. Her owner was very impressed with the initial reports that I gave her about how well Charlie was doing in an off lead pack environment.

My dog pack is very social, but of course I always need to be aware of how a dog will do off lead for the first time (if it over plays or has poor recall) and how other dogs from other places treat the new dog.

Charlie passed with flying colours on all fronts.

She might be lucky that her owner’s daughter has a male bernese mountain dog that regularly stays with her to teach her some level of comfort with large dogs, but this dogs social understanding definitely stands well above many dogs I have seen.

This video was shot in a local park that had very long spring grass still.  It was cool enough and in such a location that snakes were never a problem. I usually try and capture the essence of any dog I video, and it was hard not to automatically fall for a cute video of Charlie, due to her cute features.

However you will also see her running a lot in this video and making a lot of the play initiation, exactly what a young confident pup should be doing. She is also not forcing herself on any of the dogs and essentially keeping out of trouble. This ability to start fun in the pack and not cause other dogs to be aggressive is often a feature of much more mature and social dogs.

And of course Charlie dog looks very cute jumping up through the long grass in hops and bounds as she moves towards the camera.

And yes she has impressive rainbow ears that are best seen in the slow motion shots at the end of this video. ENJOY !

Article by Bruce Dwyer. If you wish to use any of this information please refer to the article as a reference and provide a link to

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