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Border collie cross kelpie takes an obsessive play with a boxer dog caught in a VIDEO

kelpie boxer dogs

Being a pro dog walker you might think that I would have a chance to accumulate many videos about dogs, but I like to be very selective. That means when a rare opportunity like this one comes around, I grab it.

This is border collie cross kelpie to have meeting up for the first time. You will see a Labrador dog trying to keep up with the two at the start, but Sidney’s fixation wins.

The curious thing about this obsession is that it is not aggressive or even herding, he just likes to get close to a dog, bark with excitement and follow them everywhere, like their personal protection.

Here the video was taken down at a river where it meets the bay in Melbourne. You will see Sidney follow the dog everywhere in water and on the land. If the dog stops for a sniff such as at the pram, so Sidney follows.

I am sure that dog psychologists, and behaviourists would have some common answers for this behaviour but I have never seen it so well applied and to total stranger dogs.

It appears that it is just the energy level of the dog (not its dominance or submissive status). And of course it works best if the other dog is hardly aware of Sidney’s presence, which can be very hard to do since he shadows the dog everywhere.

The good outcome for Sidney and the owners is that he typically does this very socially (does not overtly threaten the dog) and Sidney and the other dog get a lot of exercise.

Ironically Sidney has only come into real trouble using this chase obsession technique when third party dogs think that he is stealing their claim to the dog he has chosen.

Enjoy !

Article by Bruce Dwyer. If you wish to use any of this information please refer to the article as a reference and provide a link to

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