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Roast Pork fast motion video of Archie eating one – VIDEO

archie dog and his roast pork bone

archie dog and his roast pork bone You may not think that there is much to talk about when a dog eats a bone, but it can be quite rare for a few dogs for their owners to trust them with such amazing dog treats.

The black dog range of dog treats that I sell on this site has many bones in it.

I only stock a few of the total range, but know that they are all expertly dried by our local supplier.

The issue for bones (the one that all vets discuss) is dogs getting bone fragments stuck in their mouth, throat or stomach. That is why our supplier takes its time in drying the bones to be a perfect balance between ones that have too much moisture and will go moldy, and ones that are too dry and brittle.

Typically I would not recommend for people with dogs with powerful jaws to feed their dogs roast bones unsupervised.  While I filmed Archie the entire time that he was eating this bone, I also know that he has a soft retriever jaw and does not have the ability to break the main bone in half. He is also a fastidiously careful eater meaning that he rarely bites off more than he can chew.

With this video I also thought it would be interesting to capture the whole 20 minutes plus experience and speed up several parts of the video so he could get through the heavy wading (without boring the viewer too much) then I could slow it down to show you the satisfaction that a dog gets at the start, middle and end of eating such a fantastic dog treat.

Interestingly, in the whole meat eating process, Archie has been sick before when given too much pork or lamb fat. This means I made sure that most of the fat was trimmed from this bone before he ate it.

You are aware of how your dog approaches eating bones and if it is the right thing to do with them.

This video just demonstrates one dog and a big roast bone, having the time of his life … carefully picking every morsel of food that he can off it.

Article by Bruce Dwyer. If you wish to use any of this information please refer to the article as a reference and provide a link to  our WEBSITE

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