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Beef Bully Sticks STEERS Healthy Dog Treats usage and VIDEO

bully sticks Steers dog treats

bully sticks Steers dog treats Beef bully sticks are indispensable to mid and large chewing dogs. They are the ‘go-to’ in the industry for people wanting a 100% meat-based treat that is easy, safe and a little longer lasting than straight jerkies.


We typically have two regular size (circumference) bully stick dog treats. The main difference between this one (steers) and just the regular one, is the colour. This is a lighter tan colour because of the drying oven method/ source.

The curious point is that these sticks (2019) are typically a little wider and longer lasting than the dark brown ones.  And typically these sticks are also more economical than the regular dark brown ones, but who buys what is up to personal preference. We would however suggest that if you are a bully stick fan, that you consider buying a sample sized pack of these at least, while we can stock them, they are exceptional value.

DOG TYPE – owners typically buy bully sticks for big chewing dogs, to preoccupy them. To stop boredom and to stop them chewing the furniture. However, these sticks can be suitable for dogs as small as jack russells, or any dog that has a decent chew ability. Even if you cut the stick on two, they will occupy the smallest dog even longer – so provide even extra value for small dogs.

PROS – this is a NON VEGETABLE (ie natural) 100% beef meat dog treat. It doesn’t involve the safety caveats that sometimes dog treat bones warrant, and will provide straight protein for any dog – particularly useful for dogs on a commercial diet that might only get 40% meat in their diet at most.

CONS – not all small dogs can handle bully sticks. If your dog is a chewer, its worthwhile giving this a go.


Beef bully sticks STEERS, are becoming the new go to longer lasting 100% beef dog treat, for people interested in keeping their dog occupied for a while, naturally.

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