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Kangaroo Cartilage Healthy Dog Treats usage and VIDEO

kangaRoo Cartilage dog treats

kangaRoo Cartilage dog treats Kangaroo Cartilage dog treat MAIN BENEFITS

Kangaroo Cartilage is a bit of a rarity. It is a 100% single product dog treat, and a great chew for most medium sized dogs, but it is also similar and substantially cheaper than Kangaroo Tendons.

DOG TYPE – The treats are small bites, but relatively tough, ie good chewing. This means that the dogs that get the most out of it will be small dogs that are very tenacious, or medium sized dogs. But because it’s a 100% Kangaroo meat/cartilage product, it will also be good nutrition for big dogs.

PROS – This is a 100% kangaroo product, that is bigger chewing than Kangaroo jerky and more economical than Kangaroo Tendons.  This is just due to processing time and demand, nothing to do with the quality of the treat.

CONS    – can be a little bit hard to chew for very small dogs, but absolutely fine for the likes of most terriers including the jack Russell.


As said, this is one of the hidden gems of the dog treat world.  If you don’t have time to supervise your dog with bones, but want a relatively hard chew, these little pocket dynamos of the dog treat world are the perfect organic 100% kangaroo product.

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