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20 Single Ingredient Healthy Dog Treats

single ingredient archie dog treat

single ingredient archie dog treat What is a SINGLE INGREDIENT dog treat, and why should you care?

First consider the human experience.  People seem to pay ridiculous amounts for PURE water in as plastic or glass bottle at the supermarket or deli. One online source says that Australian Museum says that the typical cost of Australian tap water (*excluding service fees) is 1 cent per litre compared with bottled water that on average costs $2.53. We crave purity it seems.

There was an uproar a few years ago when it was revealed that some restaurants and supermarkets had been using Transglutaminase or thrombian (an enzyme) that glue pieces of meat together to make a much more expensive ‘fake steak’.

Yet many people buy the story that 70% grain or vegetable in a commercial dog food diet, is a great idea for their dog that is mostly classified as a carnivore. That somehow diluting their meat-based diet with CHEAP carb filler is good for them? Even if you have complete confidence in kibble, it might be a good insurance policy to ensure that you get what you pay for in the dog treat world. Single ingredient WHOLE meat dog treats, not glued together lesser quality off cuts.

We believe you should actually get what you pay for. This goes for human purchases as well as for your dog’s dog treat supplements.  In this case we are a purveyor of fine meats, offal and bones of the dried variety and the vast majority of our fare is SINGLE INGREDIENT dog treats.

Even things like our meat balls, crinkles and meat sticks are up to 80% meat.

But getting back to the SINGLE INGREDIENT DOG TREAT thread, the reason we believe in this is that with such a high amount of NON ANIMAL product in domestic dog diets, you cant afford to be adding anything BUT pure 100% animal product back into them, to address the quality meat protein short fall that their body NEEDS for all basic and advanced body processes.

We have written many articles on bio availability and the much higher quality and amounts of useful amino acids in meat proteins … so this article is about showing you some of the more popular single ingredient healthy dog treats that we stock:

Twenty (20) Single ingredient dog treats (ALL ANIMAL BASED)

Bully sticks (typically we have three varieties)Kangaroo Tendons (two varieties)HOKI (blue grenadier)
Beef Jerky (two varieties)Kangaroo Jerky (two varieties)FLAKE (100% shark fillet)
Beef LiverKangaroo LiverGreen Lipped mussels (2 varieties)
Beef Cube (lung)Kangaroo RibsLing Fish Skins
Beef Paddywhack (beef tendon cuts)Kangaroo tail piecesSalmon Fish Skins
Beef puff (cow long Shark Cartilage (three varieties)
Cow Hooves Squid


With the double and triple varieties under some of these animal categories there are more than twenty single ingredients listed with these three animal categories along.

And that of course, doesn’t even include the Lamb or Crocodile categories OR the BONE category.


Besides making up for the short-fall in meat protein in most commercial dog food, and getting what you paid for, there is also the very real concern that Australian legislation does not require manufacturers to provide the PERCENTAGE of an ingredient on their labels of Dog food or Dog Treats.

This means that with Ingredient label splitting ( common practice of deception learned from American manufacturers), that just because the first ingredient has to be the largest percentage ingredient, it doesn’t guarantee if it is 98% or 51% in the case of two ingredient treats. You might find that meat can be as low as 30%, even if its listed as the first ingredient, in the case of four ingredient dog treats or dog food.

With single ingredient you of course can see what the product is (if it was a single cut or recombined, but you are also buying a company’s trustworthiness and service when you buy a product.

So even though several companies might supply a ‘similar’ single ingredient dog treat, price should never be the only factor about how good that product really is for you or your dog.


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