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Why are images of healthy dog treats on search engines NOT MEAT BASED?

unhealthy dog treats

  unhealthy dog treats Come the revolution only meat dog treats will exist

Just as all the climate change deniers should be put against the wall one day, so will all the companies out there spruiking grains, carbs and any veggie matter as suitable for dogs in any bulk size.

Today I decided to have a look at what bing was throwing up on its search pages as images of healthy dog treats. I could NOT believe my eyes when the image montage shown on this blog page was the right Half of the examples they were willing to display.

As most people know, google and bing are becoming as reliable as Wikipedia when it come to telling the truth or displaying all the relevant facts about an article, but have they really sunk this low? OK in google and bings defence the sell ad space on the top and right of their pages to dog treat retailers who mostly sell non meat treats, so there is no surprise that non meat dog treat images ALL should turn up as their dog treat image examples. BUT NO MEAT TREATS?  Shame on you search engines, shame !

Healthy Dog Treats are not carbs, healthy dog treats are not carbs healthy …

The dog treat image shown on this blog (from bing) contains three irrelevant or non healthy carbs for dogs. Dog biscuits (probably made almost exclusively out of wheat or another grain, followed by some kind of cream and cereal mixture then an assortment of fruit. NONE of these contain ANY meat?!

Even if you knew nothing about dogs, you might hazard a guess that they were evolved to hunt, wheat biscuits, cream puffs or a fruit medley!

Even if you are a vegetarian or vegan, surely you would understand that is your choice, but something that you should not force on an animal not evolved to eat non meat products.

WHY the dog treat images are NON meat

Non meat dog treats are cheap and easy to make.

Non meat dog treats can be sold at a high margin, making the maker wealthy.

And here, as I have explained many times before is the number 1 reason that everyone (owners and manufactures) cheerily go along with non meat dog treats – because they have tricked the public (97% plus in Australia) into feeding their dogs NON MEAT dog food.

There are a very small number of sites devoted to revelling how the manufacturers get away with this, (but they have to pay their bills to, so they don’t go after their advertisers that hard.  the main way people get fooled is the lax labelling laws on dog treats and dog food and the tricks with cumulative percentages of non meat products in positions 2, 3, 4 5 etc adding up to 70- 80% non meat products.

All I would want you to take away with this healthy dog treat post, is consider the next time you see a search engine image of a NON MEAT dog treat, ask yourself why that is, and if a dog would ever eat it in the wild (if it wasn’t covered in oil and yummy salt and sugar and baked in an oven beforhand).


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