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Yogurt and Carob dog treats dont always come to mind as healthy

Happy big dog blitz

Happy big dog blitz Are Yogurt, carob and dog biscuits healthy dog treats?

Healthy dog treats, you might wonder why we bother. After all dogs can eat table scraps and will eat almost anything they find in the street or in the dog park. So why feed them anything healthy?

Well their natural scavenging nature is exactly the reason why you would want to feed them healthy. Like a small child that would happily live off lollies until their teeth fall out and they get diabetes, so is the dog.

It is true that any dog food coated in oil and given flavour enhancers will be attractive to a dogs nose and taste buts, but that is cheating. That is making soething bland like grains taste like it is good. But that is what all grain based dog food is about. And that is why I keep writing about supplementing your dogs diet with something that is actually good for them, ie meat based.

Yogurt drops and Carob button dog treats

That said we have clients that only feed their dogs the yogurt or carob treats from our shop. It is not my first choice for my dog, but the good news is that the yoghurt drops contain real yogurt and have lactose removed so the dog can just enjoy the smooth milky taste.

Likewise carob is the doggy chocolate version of human chocolate which is poisonous to dogs. These are options that many owners opt for, and can’t be much worse for their dogs than some of the low quality dog food on the market.

Many flavours of healthy dog treat biscuits.

I refused for along time to stock the bulk 4.9Kg dog biscuit boxes on my site, mainly because postage in Australia is so ridiculously high. But by doing so I was stopping clients of the free will option to select and buy what they want. Luckily I have negotiated with couriers to provide reasonable prices for these packs Australia wide.

And the reason that the bulk biscuit dog treats qualify for healthy is that the main ingredient in it, whether it be double bacon cheese, or mint and parsley is actually in the dog biscuit. It is just not a synthetic flavouring, but REAL ingredients giving the dog a real flavour and at least a hint of medicinal or whatever property the core name ingredient has.

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