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What meat dog food and dog treats can do for scary dogs

Lovely territorial roxy dog

Lovely territorial roxy dog The title might seem misleading, but I am sure that if I didn’t work in the dog industry, if I didn’t know dog behaviour and how not to be bluffed, that this girl would come off to be very scary to the average citizen.

Meat based dog treats and dog food

So you might be wondering why I am blogging about Dog behaviour and its connection to meat dog treats or meat dog food.

If any of you have read articles and science papers of the last decade about the affects of unnatural colours, additives and a whole range of things we put into our adult human food that we buy at the supermarket, then you would realise that a lot of these are being linked with autism and a whole array of child misbehaviour problems. From concentration to physical ailments.

Dog allergies are usually an obvious issue for dogs because their skin goes red, they scratch and they whine and it is easy to see there is as problem, then you can take the dog and get them properly diagnosed.

The problem for the additives and things they put in many dog foods is that its often not the meat or grain that the dog is reacting to , but something much more subtle, just like they started finding out that our children are reacting to these things.

it would appear that its the immunity system being overloaded from high frequency electromagnetic radiation and the things that we have being adding to our food, to keep it for longer or fool our tastebuds that is doing the damage to humans and dogs alike. Genetic modified foods, anything that messes with original gene of plain food.

Why are additives a genuine dog problem

The problem for dogs is that with vets willing to place their hands on their hearts and tell you that its ok and natural to feed a dog a mostly grain diet, how would you expect them to know or care about the additives added to the foods? Many experts realise that dogs are mostly a carnivore, that can tolerate grains, so dog food companies have exploited this loop hole and advertised for decades to give your dog fake meat dogs food (soy look alike chunks) and now people willingly accept this rubbish.

So if you consider that, and that they have been poisoning our children with additives and now GM foods, how pure do you think dog treats, one of the mostly highly unregulated food industries are going to do?

Even if you don’t accept the issues with man-made GM meddling with food genes, even if you keep feeding your dog manufactured dog food. The last chance your dog has of eating meat based anything, and dog treats that are not corrupted with the junk that lands in most human food and supermarket dog treats, is to buy dog treats that are mostly meat based and have no additives (that you dont understand) added to them.

You will find scant information on the internet about how additives can badly affect dogs and dog health and dog behaviour, but naturally very little research as the big corporations who make dog food and dog treats don’t want to have to stop using their artificial tricks.

Lovely misunderstood Roxy What about this dog?

The reason that I have included an image of this pup on this article is that this girl is very territorial, anxious and suspicious of humans (except her owners). Yes much more socialisation (off lead dog walks) would help, but the one thing I know from what I have advised everyone, is that is very unlikely to happen.  I  only see this dog, because I am picking up another dog from the property to off lead dog walk.

What I can tell you, is that if you don’t walk your dog as often as you could, if  you feed your dog regular highly artificial dog food (ie not raw meat, offal and bones) then the last thing your dog needs is more artificial chemicals coursing around its already very destabilised mind and body.

Bringing a dog back to balance can start with meat based dog treats – something that is natural and without additives. Human grade food colouring isn’t going to harm your dog as much as a commercial dog food diet is likely to – but feeding meat based treats that have not be tampered with a cocktail of unnecessary chemicals can help their already anxious / semi aggressive behaviour.

Its not the same as going for a dog walk or dog training, but it is definitely something that won’t hurt and in fact (given more research) be likely to make a marked positive impact on a dogs health and behaviour.


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