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What is it about dogs and dog treat bones? And our new BEEF SHANK!

beef shank bone dog treat

beef shank bone dog treat A lot of people give their dogs the same old bone over and over. A lot of people tell me they go to the butcher and get a bone that is big and cut in half because it has all that lovely marrow. Well, that is good if your dog in the wild was going to pull down those kinds of animals – but for most dogs, that marrow is very high kilojoules and will just put on weight, rather than provide nutrition. And of course, with fresh bones, there is a higher propensity for dogs to bury it, or for it to be very messy on your floor.

Then there are people who only give their dogs little raw bones because they like their dog chewing – but they don’t even know that raw feeders do it primarily to add the healthy amount of calcium and phosphorus to the dog’s diet.

Then there are people who swear that bones will instantly kill their dog because the “vet told them so”.  Kind of rewrites the last 100,000 or so years of history of the wolf, and the last 20,000 years of the domestic dog.

Yes, small dogs can have weak jaws and should be watched, some powerful dogs will crunch and eat anything of inappropriate size. But once you know what kind of dog you have and it’s eating habit, bones provide natural fun and nutrition that they can’t get by artificial means (ie compressed vegetable ‘teeth cleaning solutions’.


Very recently we were sent a box of beef shank bones by the supplier accidentally. We did not have these on our site to sell, but since we didn’t have any beef bones to sell, we decided to keep them and provide them to you, if you want them.

The biggest issue we actually have with these beef bones is that they are so big, that you won’t get many in a typical 3 kg satchel. In fact while we say 500g minimum the average weight is closer to 700 grams plus, so you typically will only fit 3 or 4 in an Australia wide satchel. But a half kilo bone alone is a massive bone, for such a cheap price.

There are bigger bones out there, but the great thing about the beef shank bone, is that it is beef (ie a meat that most dogs are used to eating) and it has a huge knuckle, not just the long hard  bone part – so most dogs that love bones are going to love gnawing at the big end piece. Coupled with a sizeable amount of meat on this dried bone, makes for a very tasty treat indeed.

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