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The LAMB cube (lung) is a great crunching treat! See our road testing VIDEO.


lamb-cube-dog-treat-being-eaten There are very few pure 100% lamb treats around besides bone, so the lamb cube dog treat is a rare exception.

Made from 100% lamb lung means that unlike many of the lamb meat-based treats, it is very low fat and high protein – the perfect combination for most dogs who are fed on a low meat high grain commercial diet.

To understand our 100% Australian treats texture is the key to understanding the best application of this exceptional treat. Being lamb lung the whole organ is very light due to its honeycomb texture.

While it is light (high volume, low weight) the cubes easily safely implode under most dogs crunching jaws into fine flakes of lamb meat creating a very exciting dog experience. 

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Dogs are driven by smell, then taste, but they also love a good crunch, the fact that almost every dog can crunch these treats down relativity quickly in such an exciting fashion only adds to the pleasure of a dog eating them.

Note, like beef, lamb lung can be sliced and sold in many ways. By far the easiest and cheapest (due to labour costs) is to cut the lamb lung in thin slabs.  However cubes are always going to be the easiest way for owners to feed small portion amounts.

This also gives great satisfaction, but due to the easily crunched nature of the treats, you can also end up feeding much more than you expected in slab or puff form.


That is why lamb cube shapes are ideal in nutrition and shape/ texture.

A recap, Lamb lungs are:

  • 100% Australia, 100% lamb lung.
  • They are slowly dried to maintain nutrition
  • There are NO additives or preservatives of any kind.

Happy trails and good chewing!

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