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kangaroo rib Dog Treats chewing instruction VIDEO


kangaroo-rib-dogtreat Kangaroo ribs are a great addition to the very healthy kangaroo bone healthy dog treats range. Every bone in our range serves a specific purpose, and these ribs are great for nutrition (the low fat healthy meat between the ribs) and chewing (the ribs themselves).

Our whole philosophy is based on 100% meat (or bones and offal) products), as nature intended. Likewise where possible, we like to provide these product in their most natural and whole form. That is why except for potentially half a rack to make up the weight, we like to provide FULL rib racks to owners so they can make their own mind up about how to serve these incredible treats.

If you are after one of the hardest longest chewing bones around (but without a lot of meat on it) you will choose the kangaroo clod bone.  The roo tail pieces are a great cube of bone and meat in a similar ration to roo ribs, but of course a very different configuration.

These types of bones (kangaroo rib) are ideal for cleaning teeth on dogs, as a dog can chew the bone and break off tartar and any dog food build up on their teeth with relative ease.


WHY do you need to supervise your dog eating anything including bones?

Some dogs are careful with how they eat product, but many dogs are so excited about a primal thing like a bone that they lose all duty of care about how they go about it.

You will see in the above video that Archie carefully chews around the bones and just gets the meat off them. That is how many small to medium sized dogs, particular small retrievers will approach these bones.  The bone will clean their teeth, but they make no attempt to break the bone and get to the marrow, as they have gentle bite evolved for retrieving game without damage.

Give this treat to a ratter or a staffy and you are more likely to see full zest in breaking into the bone and the meat almost becomes a secondary consideration. That is why we always recommend at least for the first time you give a dog a bone, that you supervise them eating, get a feel for what kind of eating action they have. Ideally take them for a big off lead dog walk, have them build up a good appetite then see them eat at their most ferocious. This will give you a good indication of how they might address other treats you gibe them as well.

Nutrition of dog kangaroo ribs as dog treats (no additives or preservatives).

The roo rib dog treats have of course 100% Australian roo meat between the ribs. It is low fat, high protein and has high levels of good Omega 3.  The roo bones themselves are like other bones mostly ash (essentially an inert low energy fibre product) with some phosphorus etc), But the inside marrow is roo  marrow meaning also a better quality of fat for your dog.

in our first batch of roo ribs we found they varied between 70g and 300g in weight, and about 15 cm squarish to 20 cm. the meat to bone ratio seems to stay the same regardless of the overall weight of the individual roo rib sets. We will endeavour to mostly provide FULL roo rib sets and only provide quarters or halves to make up to the required weight you have purchased.

Note these ribs are relatively easy for owners to snap off so you don’t have to feed your dog a whole roo rib set in one sitting.

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