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Kangaroo Bars (5 pack, 125g total)

Tasty Roo, each bar 130x40x3 mm

Sales price: $ 4.36

Kangaroo Cartilage 200g

A Roo Tendon alternative, long chew

Sales price: $ 15.95

Kangaroo Clod Bone

Lean roo leg bone, V. LONG chewing

Sales price: $ 4.45

Kangaroo Crinkles 200g

Little waffles of Roo rectangles

Sales price: $ 5.85

Kangaroo Jerky 100g

The perfect low fat 100% meat, dog...

Sales price: $ 7.95

Kangaroo Jerky LONG 200g

King of nutritious chewing treats

Sales price: $ 16.95

KangaRoo Lami 150g

Kangaroo in lami form, how delicious!

Sales price: $ 6.95

Kangaroo Liver 200g

Organic Kangaroo Liver training treat

Sales price: $ 8.95

Kangaroo Meat Balls 200g

Crunchy, chunky kangaroo meat balls!

Sales price: $ 5.85

KangaRoo Sticks - 6 Pack

Delicious 15cm sticks, 200g+

Sales price: $ 5.95

Kangaroo Tendons 100g

The longest lasting chewy Roo treat you...

Sales price: $ 13.45

Kangaroo Tendons FLAT 100g

Great organic low fat treat !

Sales price: $ 11.95