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Gypsy the amazing labradoodle dog jumping high for her walk VIDEO

Gypsy dog in full flight

Gypsy is a beautiful labradoodle. She was spending some time in quarantine, and this video shows how happy she is to see me.

Even at eight she still has the energy to jump all four feet of the ground half a metre or so in the air.

Quarantine is a real test for a lot of animals and their owners. A lot of dogs take the first half of their month long stay to adjust to their situation and be anywhere near normal. In Gypsy’s case she was friendly and well adjusted the first time I saw her.

Her favourite thing to do in the exercise yards is to either be patted or retrieve the ball, but like many dogs, she doesn’t do the whole effort of leaving the ball at your feet, she would prefer that you make an effort to get it off her.

The labradoodle is a remarkable mix of dogs. It was one of the first major cross breeds with the poodle and the breeding compatibility worked so well because of similar temperaments and sizes and because they are both retrievers. This also means that they have a great hunting instinct and on off-lead walks will often spend quite some time sniffing for prey or tracks.

And while some dogs can become aggressive or intolerant at an older age, Gypsy still behaves as playfully as a puppy. Much of this credit though must be given to Gypsy’s owners who have undoubtedly put a lot of work into having her be so social.

One of the more little known things about the labradoodle is that beside not shedding, they also take on the metabolism of the poodle. Which means that even though the other half of them is a Labrador, they often stay quite trim with ease.

One of Gypsy’s favourite things to do is multi task. While many dogs become ball obsessed, particularly in a confided situation, she likes to mix it up with retrieving, being patted, and lying around catching her breath. You can tell when a dog is settled and comfortable in its own skin, and this is very much one of those situations.


You may see the boundless energy that she seems to have (the high jumping in the video) but that is just eagerness for a walk and to make a connection with another dog or a human.

I think Gypsy is a perfect advertisement of why people should look more at owning a designer dog.

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