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dog treats Australia, the value of buying local

Dog Treats Australia dogs

Dog Treats Australia dogs Dog Treats Australia, and the local advantage

Many people in Australia don’t realise the value of buying locally made dog treats until they have to pay for them.

Often local/ organic dog treats are double to triple the price of an imported product, which usually precludes most people from buying them. And that price is mostly due to mark up, not manufacturing cost!


Recently we have had quite a few enquiries from overseas potential customers about our healthy dog treats.

The resounding message seems to be that people overseas are willing to pay a premium to have dog treats posted to them on the assumption that our meat is cleaner than theirs.

Ironically even places like the USA are contacting us for the fish product.

Ironically there is little evidence that our beef or fish products are especially cleaner than other developed countries dog treats and foods.

We would all like to think that our food for human consumption is clean, and it might be relatively free from pesticides but what about herbicides and hormones and the like?

The main advantage we seem to have in the fish product category is that we live in the southern ocean with no other land mass es between us and the Antarctic.  Heavy metals and very toxic poisons that run off from land in overseas countries tend to stay around their coastlines so that leaves Australia relatively blessed (with our relatively strong environmental protection laws).

Kangaroo dog treats and Australia made

Then, of course, our kangaroo dog treats have the advantage of being an indigenous species found nowhere else in the wild.

Kangaroo has an amazingly good protein profile (read our other Roo nutrition articles) and its low amount of fat and the high quality of that fat make it exceptionally healthy for humans and dogs alike.

Because kangaroos are not farmed, they are globally considered an organic meat (regardless of where they graze) but that said very few farmers allow kangaroos in on areas that they are intensively farming and spending big money on fertilizers etc to grow good crops.

Dog treats and irradiation

Many dogs treat sellers will try and convince you that irradiation of dog food or any food is the devil’s work, and why their product is so much safer, but the opposite is actually true.

Dog treats in Australia don’t need to be irradiated by law, and because irradiation cost money virtually no dog treat manufacturer will put an added expense on their product.

Irradiation of food is only done to sterilise whatever microbes are in the food, and in particular any bacteria. Bacteria is all around us in our houses, on our food and in the soils, but it is the bad bacteria that make us sick that the irradiation particularly neuters.

Test have show that it makes very little difference to nutrition of food, yet this is something that local suppliers will put out there as misinformation trying to get the market edge.

What you really should understand is the brand that you buy from and how much you trust those decision makers, because you can buy low quality food and dog treats anywhere.

And conversely I have seen plenty of very expensive dog food and dog treats (because of expensive advertising and packaging) .being of low quality content.

At the end of the day I don’t care what the plastic bag looks like that I get my healthy dog treats in, as long as they are healthy and I can afford them!

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