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Apache Staffordshire terrier dog & Louie Rottweiler X play love affair.

staffy and rottie X play

staffy and rottie X play You may not get this specifically from this photos, but these two dogs are in Play love.

They don’t always have their dog walk days coincide, and if they are not together, the walk is a relatively sedate affair for everyone. However when Louie and Apache get together, all play rules are off the table and they play as hard as they like.

This is part of the reason that Apache has his muzzle on. Like many staffies he can be prone to over excitement. I call it the 1% syndrome with Apache, 99% of the time she is fine, however once her excitement level escalates, it is always safer to have a muzzle. It is not necessarily an aggression thing, for her or any other staffy, just a continuation of what they believe play is like.

And this is what Louie thrives on. Little Louie pup likes nothing better than to rev the staffy up. He runs past the staffy, jumps over the staffy, and gets Apache so interested in playing, the entire rest of the walk revolved around Apache following Louie, so Louie effectively gets to be alpha dog. Not that Apache is being subservient, he is just driven to keep where the excitement is.

This is where Louie gets to show his cleverness as not only does he manipulate the staffy into being a follower, he can then run onto other dogs and involve them into play, which the staffy is drawn into.

Maximum energy burn, maximum play satisfaction, this is how you get any dog to drain their energy, have a great sleep when they get home and avoid all forms of boredom and separation anxiety.

Its a perfect formula. Occasionally I need to cool the play down when it spills onto other dogs, but typically these two bond an play so well, they can do it for the entire walk.

Its great seeing symbiotic dogs like this enjoying themselves to the full, off lead and reinforcing what it means to be social.  Thank you to Apache and Louie for showing us the way!

Article by Bruce Dwyer. If you wish to use any of this information please refer to the article as a reference and provide a link to

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