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Off lead dog Walking in Newport best in the rain !

arch and amy dogs in rain

arch and amy dogs in rain Dogs and rain, what is all the fuss about?

You know, dogs descended from wolves 20,000 years ago, dogs being a ‘wild creature’ etc etc.

Today was the wettest off lead dog walk I have had all year. There was little thunder so it was a safe venture for all dogs, and it wasn’t pouring consistently when we started.

I can understand not seeing a lot of other people and dogs at the park today. You don’t always get anywhere near capacity during peak hour on the most perfect of days.

Sometimes its almost like people look for an excuse not to walk their dog. My clients know the value of regularly walking their dogs, their dogs are much fitter mentally and physically and also socially.

Here is the thing about rain and dogs. In very cold climates very cold rain can be a health risk. In places like Australia rain is rarely a health risk to a moderately healthy dog. Most dogs who live in Australia have been bred for European conditions and have enough of a constitution and body fat to handle a little rain and coldness. Dogs also have a system that continues to put blood to their extremities in extremely cold weather stopping hyperthermia (unlike humans).

Dogs have coats that are oily and only requires a little shaking to get most of the water off.

Dogs would much prefer running and exploring an off lead park, with or without rain, than sitting at home having very little to do. No excitement in the same old environment of their own backyard.

That said, this human, like the dog owners who were not at the park, doesn’t always love walking in strong rain. I tend to only have a waterproof top and boots when dog walking. This is so that the clothing doesn’t get too hot or restrictive. It also means that I have more empathy with the dogs. If I don’t like walking in rain that has gotten up to a stronger level, then I will stop and find shelter with my pack.

There are very few environmental conditions in Melbourne dog parks (besides extreme heat) that can’t be worked around. Even then an early morning walk will usually avoid dangerous heat levels for dogs.

So what does the photo in this blog mean? It shows Amy and Archie just doing their regular routine, regardless of the rain. Archie has a thick spoodle coat that tends to get heavy with water, so when he isn’t shaved for summer it isn’t always the most convenient, but he will do anything for his freedom in a park. Amy on the other hand LOVES the cold and rain. Today in the heavier drizzle she purposefully stood in the middle of the park. I was able to recall the other dogs, but she preferred cooling down, as her mountain dog physiology has a preference of doing.

The next time you wonder if your dog can handle some rain, perhaps think if they will be more bored at home.

Article by Bruce Dwyer. If you wish to use any of this information please refer to the article as a reference and provide a link to

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