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Xmas healthy dog treats, its the most misleading time of the year

a healthy dog treat Christmas dog

a healthy dog treat Christmas dog I would like to give the big corporations selling anything they please and passing it off as dog treats full credit for higher sales at Christmas time, but the reality is that joe public has a lot to do with it too.

While the human race has been buying grain for dogs for 50 plus years and forgetting this proud species once HUNTED for their MEAT diet … it seems that healthy dog treats are even further removed from the healthy scrutiny (at Christmas time) that your dog truly deserves.

But if we have been lulled into false security with buying grain dog foods (that are recalled far more than any dog will be poisoned by raw feeding at home with meat) – then why would most people have a clue about what is healthy in dog treats? It is so easy to listen to the big corporations brag about their micronutrients (rather than the cheap carbs their food is full of).

Around Christmas time retailers and large manufacturers (one of whom’s main business is in making chocolate for humans) ramps up their advertising dollar to convince you their shiny packets of dog treats are all so yummy that people forget to ask what’s in them. Or know what should be in them.

People are so busy finishing off their working year, preparing for holidays, buying presents that what their dog gets is usually the last consideration on the list.

Ironically one of the ‘celebrities’ that I respect for his dog training and rehab knowledge (lives in America and has his own TV show) has one of the highest ranking articles on the internet for healthy dog treats. Ironic in that he says how don’t buy any treat that you dont understand the ingredients in, then endorses exactly one of those kinds of products. Well someone else wrote the article, someone else put it on a website, and he had nothing to do with it. Nothing to do with it besides being the figure head behind why so many people buy an unrelated treat that if he knew anything about dog nutrition he would never endorse. Easier not to ask questions.

Another site trying to sound official ( mentioning MD in their name) classes it up with the sexy heading “The 10% Rule” They STATE that “Treats and snacks should only make up 10% of a dog’s daily calories” I would agree with this ONLY in their circumstances where they say to give them “baby carrot, a green bean, some broccoli”  Of course only in passing do any of these sites mention that you can actually feed meat to a dog !

THE REASON WHY article writers on dog sites ARE ANTI MEAT

Anti meat or non meat by absence of any mentions are because their major page sponsors tend to be dog food companies that provide 30% meat concoctions in the form of kibble or pellets – be a shame to hurt the money train.

The usual excuse or reason that you should fill a dog up on unnecessary carbs is that they say “Dogs are open to all foods, potentially …  vegetables can be a great snack option for your dog.” Untrue.

Dogs are clever enough in the wild to know that survival means that if you dont eat something when the pack has been able to bring down meat, that you might have to eat the occasional berry in the forest.  They are scavengers and opportunistic feeders – but scavengers would always mean rotting corpses, not digging up potatoes or carrots.  Its like these people are writing for children books and want to make everything PC.

Dogs like what their human owners shove in front of them. They respect their owners will do the right thing for them (even though most owners dont want to do the hard research).  Dogs love sugar and fat, because that is rare in the natural food they would eat in the wild and every species loves sugar. Loving something and eating large quantities of it Does not make it good for them.

I go by the 50% rule, or 100% if you are caught on the hop, but have 100% dried healthy dog treat meats with you.  It is important to give your dog the right amount of Omega 3 and 6 too, but there is still a lot of controversy about the amount of vitamins and minerals your dog needs.

The affco tables your dog pellets are based on, abide by rules they set up to ensure that no natural amount of meat and vegetables could ever meet their tables. This ensures you  have to buy ‘man-made’ dog food – or the mixture can’t be sold as dog food. What a perfect closed club market. MEAT is actually not a legal DOG FOOD by itself –  People should be rioting in the streets over this if they really love their dogs, but who has the time right?

This Christmas you have the option of giving dog treats that are as low in meat as any regular dog food you buy, OR you can buy meat based dog treats that I sell that are either 80% or 100% meat content helping readdress the healthy natural dog diet your dog will always be healthiest on. Do your own research on meat and dogs diets, on raw feeding, or continue your dog food buying habits AND supplement your dog food with real HEALTHY dog treats, from a source such as ours.

Why not make your dog’s Christmas healthier than ever? Or for that matter, all year round?



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