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Keeping your dog fit over the season with xmas kangaroo dog treats

Archie dog eating Roo Jerky

Archie dog eating Roo Jerky As Xmas comes and goes and we are on holiday often with our dog, it’s easy for every member of the family to want to spoil the family pet and give them dog treats.

I love my dog and there is definitely nothing wrong with treating your dog to luxury, but first, we need to understand the difference between common supermarket treats, and real nutritious healthy amazing tasting meat dog treats and why they are better, particularly over Christmas.

Why not give cheap Xmas kangaroo dog treats for the holiday?

While that heading might seem biased, its exactly what you will do if you buy most of your dog treats from the supermarket or $2 store.

Even if the dog treats come from a relatively clean source (that you will never know about) they are likely to be full of grain which is the same as your dog’s main kibble diet, so provide little or no different grain based nutrition than their daily food. THAT is no treat!

What about long lasting treats bones and raw hide

We sell bones, and our source are good for dogs to chew on – Aussie bones dried to the right amount and large enough not to cause major splinter issues. But if you only give dogs lots of bones over Christmas you are just wearing their teeth down and making them fat if they get to the marrow.

Raw hide has gotten a lot of bad press in the media lately since they have found its just second grade leather. Zero nutrition and a digestion blockage hazard.

What about healthy kangaroo based dog treats?

Glad you asked.

Whatever treat you feed your dog, you have to reduce its main food by the same amount of energy or it will get fat.

If you are using a grain based dog treat, it will usually have oil or fat added to make it taste like food, and this will contribute to your dog getting unhealthy.

If you use Kangaroo treats like Roo jerky or Roo tendon you will be using a 100% natural MEAT based dog treat that is healthy for them and only about 4% (GOOD FAT) or less. It will take them a while to chew (except for huge ravenous dogs) and so you can give a little more of it. The oils are CLA’s which are actually beneficial to dogs in so many ways.

So if you really want to spoil your dog over Christmas, and you know that everyone is going to give your dog more than it can work off in a run, then healthy Kangaroo dog treats are one of the best treats you will find – and buying them from a trusted source (shopping on this site) will make them affordable and safe too.

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