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Archie spoodle dog & the cat through the window. VIDEO

Archie dog and cat

Archie dog and cat Every now and then I insert a video of my dog doing dog things, fun things, training things.

This video tetters along the fun side. Of course if you are a cat, you might not think so, but no cat was hurt, or even phased during the filming and editing of this short film.

I know that a lot of dog owners also have cats, but if you have just a dog, you might recognise this urgency and interest my dog is showing in the cat, that regularly frequents our yard and marks its territory.


The reality for my dog (and many in the community) is that many cats don’t understand them or like them. I have seen my dog run up to a cat to be friends and have this completely misinterpreted.

But then again, my dog is a retriever cross who was never bred or trained to kill animals. I have even witnessed him retrieve small birds in his mouth, very alive, just to place them down in a safe spot.

This barking is about the excitement of the idea of another animal species, in a similar way that a postman’s motorbike sound excites him. Though with cats, his base animal chase instinct also kicks in.

What this really proves to me, besides some mild amusement, is that I have to ensure that my dog never gets in a situation where he accidently corners a cat. Because as vets will tell you, cat claws are constructed quite differently to dog claws and can cause considerable damage to flesh, eyes etc.

That is the reason why i was happy to film my dog from behind a glass window, where he was safest.

Article by Bruce Dwyer. If you wish to use any of this information please refer to the article as a reference and provide a link to

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