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Amy the bernese mountain dog dancing a jig to entertain us & dog? VIDEO

amy bernese mountain dog

amy bernese mountain dog Amy is a fun loving very social bernese mountain dog. She remains fun loving and social because her owner’s make sure that she is at least walked one big off lead walk per day, or more.

Almost everyone who sees her says what a beautiful looking and gentle nature dog she is. However I know she has a secret play side that very few people get to see. That is what this article and enclosed video are about!

This dog video shows her tactic of finding a dog that she thinks she can have some fun with by convincing them how big and brave she is. But of course its all an act.

Not a very elaborate act, and the vast majority of dogs very quickly see through it. For Amy thinks that jumping up and down, barking and making herself look big and fast will impress these dogs and allow her to dominate them, or at least keep them away from dominating her.

Remarkably what it usually does is just provide some great entertainment for any humans that are privileged enough to be standing by when she does her high energy dance.

Now this kind of behaviour might be expected of a puppy, but Amy is well over 3 by now, so it is refreshing to see her trying to keep her social puppy play alive, regardless that she is very much a full grown dog by now.

You will notice the black lab in the video, who just happened to be walking by with its owner (ie is not part of my dog walking pack) just kind of stares at Amy until it is convinced she is no real threat. The lab then becomes this bernese mountain dog’s worst nightmare in actually wanting to engage in serious play now that she has called it into action.

This is where you will see Amy quickly retreat, still barking, still trying to look menacing.

A truly fun, non aggressive, giant breed dog if you ever did see one !

The end of the video shows Amy just casually walking around the lab like nothing had happened. At least this is one great way that she manages to get her exercise in while entertaining us all.

Thank you Amy !

Article by Bruce Dwyer. If you wish to use any of this information please refer to the article as a reference and provide a link to

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