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Archie dog first moments of freedom from bucket collar after dog attack. VIDEO

Archie dog in bucker collar

Archie dog in bucker collar Spring time should be a great time for a dog. My dog gets two walks per day regardless of the season, but on holiday recently he was attacked by a pit bull cross (defined by the dog catcher) in the main street of a small town.

After all the drama and a week of bucket collar time (until my dogs eye stitches healed) this is a video of his first true off lead time he had in a week. FREEDOM!

Remember that this is an incredibly social dog used to two walks per day, being stopped from off lead walks (for his own safety) while he had the bucket collar on. One week of dog time being 49 days of human time.

His added frustration was that like humans, spring time often signals allergy season, and for a dog part poodle, he has a lot of skin irritation. Imagine how not being able to scratch an itch for seven days would feel like for you?

So this video shows a few moments before he gets his bucket collar off, and gets to be free again.

He is still sporting his full winter hair face too.

As expected Archie didn’t take long until he could do a long face scrub (yep that is the vet technical term). Rubbing an allergy prone face into grass (that might cause the allergy) to relieve an itch is problematic to say the least.

The second task was getting at the fur between his feet pads. Skin allergy dogs usually make this hair go dark red with chemicals from the saliva. Omega 3 and 6 has been used to reduce the affects of his allergy over time, but again, one week without cleaning his itchy pads must have been hell.

And what happened with the owner of the vicious dog you might wonder?

They caught up to him, gave him a fine (which he probably won’t pay) and are trying to ban him for owning a dog for a year or two (which he will probably get around). Meanwhile we got no payment for our $600 vet bill or the trauma caused to my wife who was walking our dog.

I am a dog walker in the business of socialising dogs. The kind of action by the aggressor dog (and his owner who no doubt does not train him to be friendly or take him for off lead walks), would think that having a social dog is silly. What he misses out on knowing is that an aggressive dog, one that thinks it has to protect its master all of the time, is not a happy dog.

Dogs by nature are pack animals and they cooperate to hunt down their prey. They do not fear each other nor naturally want to kill each other. 

Training dogs to be aggressive (regular domestic dog), or not socialising them is going against their nature.

Guard dogs and dogs used for fighting have been selectively bred for attack purposes, but they too, once social, can actually enjoy being in a pack situation.

Taking the expectation and responsibility off a dog that feels it has to fight all the time or be anxious is the greatest thing a human can do for a dog. Shame there are those owners out there who just use their dogs for their own selfish ways.

Article by Bruce Dwyer. If you wish to use any of this information please refer to the article as a reference and provide a link to

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