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Pauly & Chuck try meat based natural dog treats for the first time – VIDEO

Pauly & Chuck enjoy meat dog treats

This video was taken when I was visiting a friend’s house in Broken Hill. I was away from my home for a week, and there a few good discount meat shops in that town so I had to come up with a strategy of keeping my dog on his meat diet.

I managed to buy my dog meat, bones and offal but these treats definitely made a great supplemental feed.

The strategy meant taking along plenty of chicken, duck, beef and kangaroo jerky (the 100% meat treat varieties). This video is about my friend’s dogs also sharing the wealth of my visit.

In the video, you will see Pauly (the Jack Russel) and Chuck who eat an almost exclusive grain (manufactured dog food) diet except for the occasional bone or scrap of meat. This is essentially how 97% of dogs eat, so I thought it would be good to see what these two new dogs thought of my healthy dog treats (as sold on this site).

In particular there is a lot of misinformation put out there by major dog food manufacturing companies that you should never change diets (ie only feed your dog their grain based diet for life). Yes a sudden change can cause diarrhoea, so any long term major changes should be slowly integrated into a dogs diet.

However, there are very few people who will tell you that it is dangerous to feed dog meat. In fact, the only reason that your carnivore dog would have any kind of adverse reaction to meat based dog treats would be if your dog food was mostly grains – and yes most are 80% grain based. They might have an unsettled stomach until their system learns how to digest the food that it evolved to eat.

Both Pauly and Chuck had already eaten a few kangaroo jerky pieces before I started videoing this, so we were mostly left with the blackdog beef liver balls that are also 85% meat, like all other healthy dog treat meat based treats on my site.

This video was very spontaneous, I was feeding the dogs on the backs step when I decided to start filming them. Unfortunately, much of the start of it is the video show ‘on its side’ but you will clearly see how well these dogs take to eating natural meat based treats.

These dogs are well fed, so their food frenzy is not caused by lack of food. The dog treats are as natural as possible, so its not artificial flavours or anything else that is enticing them. What they are experiencing for the first time is dog treats based on a high percentage of meat. When you dry meat and remove most of the water content (typically 75%) you amplify the smell of the meat by at least a factor of three.

Yes, three very happy dogs.

Article by Bruce Dwyer. If you wish to use any of this information please refer to the article as a reference and provide a link to our WEBSITE.

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