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Beef Liver Balls Dog Treats – Instructional – how to eat it – VIDEO

beef liver ball

Beef liver treat balls are really the basic 101 building block of all treats. They are little pebbles of up to 85% meat. Yes, that’s correct. While many dog foods struggle to achieve 20% meat, these premium beef liver ball dog treats are up to 45% meat!


The reason that this is important is that most dogs are fed on manufactured food diets which are low in meat. Dogs can survive on vegetable and grain proteins, but they thrive on beef because they are carnivores and their whole digestive system is set up to efficiently process meat.

BEEF LIVER BALLS dog treats 

The beef liver ball dog treat instructional video below shows my five year old 20kg / cockapoo making a meal of several of the balls in rapid succession.  This may give you a good indication of their size, eat-ability etc. In the video, you will see my dog eating them like popcorn, but this is because they were a morning meal replacement.

Because raw meat is composed of 75% water, these mostly dehydrated meat-based dog treats are a very compact highly nutritious form of food for your dog.


As the name suggests these little misshapen balls have both liver and beef in them. They weigh approximately 2 to 4 g each meaning that in a 250g pack you may have around 50 to 80 in them. You will quickly know they are the real thing, from their smell and their texture. These little black balls (a little larger than a centimeter diameter) are quite pungent to the nose. A little reminiscent of a liver, beef, and dark chocolate, they drive most dogs wild with anticipation.

Besides being very nutritious for your dog, they will provide a little bit of chewing exercise too, and will evoke their scavenger instincts as little pieces crumble off.

A good indication of their tastiness is that my rather choosy spoodle enjoys these beef dog treats almost any time. I also know of their popularity among my dog walking clients. On the first consultation, most potential clients receive the beef liver balls in a free sample pack, and invariably report how well they were liked by their dog.

The reason for this is simple. They are as natural as you can find, and have a high proportion of meat. They are pungent (in a good dog sort of way) and easy to eat, providing a nice crunch as they are dissected.

If you mainly feed your dog manufactured dog food (pellets or canned dog food) then this is the perfect supplement to those low meat products. These balls also fit well into many dogs treat toys.

If you feed your dog a raw meat diet, then you will also appreciate having a compact, much more hygienic stock of meat food to carry around with you on dog walks or anywhere you take your dog.

Article by Bruce Dwyer. If you wish to use any of this information please refer to the article as a reference and provide a link to our WEBSITE.

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For those people wanting more nutritional information, I have included a table that shows how raw beef stands against the AFFCO (American dog food) standards.

What you should realize is that beef (and liver) are natural animal products that use nature to get the right balance between proteins, minerals, and vitamins. There is no man-made intervention based on guess work or profit motive (as is the case in manufactured dog foods). This is just the ‘protein’ table for raw beef and can be used as a guide to beef’s general nutritional value,  the table is NOT directly connected with the nutritional makeup of this dog treat. P.s.  I am not a chemist or a manufacturer!

AFFCO recomm

Beef Raw….

Protein 180 g/ kg


Tryptophan 1.6 g/kg


Threonine 4.8 g/kg


Isoleucine 3.7 g/Kg


Leucine 5.9 g/kg


Lysine 6.3 g/kg


Cystine 4.3 g/kg


Arginine 5.1 g/kg


Histidine 1.8 g / Kg


Tyrosine 7.3 g/kg


Valine 3.9 g/kg


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