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Kanga-roo Straps | Chicken Straps DOG TREATS: Instructional – how to eat it VIDEO

Kangaroo strap Chicken Strap

What can be said about the splendid kangaroo and chicken straps that has not already been said?

They seem to be one of the larger take anywhere regular treats that people buy because they remind them of something that they might buy in the supermarket, but these are a very different dog treat to the garden variety filler on most supermarket shelves. They are of high quality and are high in the roo.

High in roo meat, they provide a great low fat, high protein long-lasting dog treat. They come in both kangaroo and chicken varieties, however, you will see my dog Archie, a 20 kg spool of five years of age hoeing into a roo strap variety.

I had not previously used a lot of kangaroo strap dog treats with Archie before, because on a raw meat diet I tend to be a purist and go for the jerky varieties. However, as you will see in the video these roo dog treats are consumed with as much vigour as any of the healthy dog treats I have given him.

They provide exceptional value to start with as they come in packs of ten that in total usually weigh over 250g per pack. Because they are in a long stick form, they are likely to provide a long chewing time for most small and mid-sized dogs. For my dog (with soft retriever jaws) he takes over two minutes to eat each stick.

The flat sticks are liked by a lot of dogs because of their flat stick nature (easy to grip with the paws) but textured ripple on the surface.

When fresh these sticks are also quite pliable, so even though they have been recomposed from shredded roo and chicken, they can tear off in strips that require a bit more effort than treats that fall apart.

Article by Bruce Dwyer. If you wish to use any of this information please refer to the article as a reference and provide a link to our WEBSITE.

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