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Pork bones dog treats – eaten entirely by Shine the Rottweiler! VIDEO

Dog eating pork bone

Dog eating pork bone This article is about a video that is interesting for several reasons. Firstly it’s the first video I have made for healthy dog treats of a dog eating a dried bone.

The bone in question is how can dogs eat pork bones. The second interesting thing is that I recruited the services of a friendly local Rottweiler.

I was not sure how the experience would go but I was pleasantly surprised that the Rottweiler was able to eat the WHOLE bone in under ten minutes.  Not all dogs eat bones properly, so please supervise or consult your vet.

To save the viewer the need of sitting through ten minutes of bone munching, I sped the video up in the middle part of his eating.

PORK BONE dog treats

A lot of people buy pork bones because they are excellent value and their dogs love pork (or at least pigs ears). But of course most hard chewing dogs eat pigs ears in a matter of minutes. Unless you own a breed like a Rottweiler, it is very likely that your pork bone will last considerably longer than ten minutes.

People may be concerned about dogs eating large amounts of pork fat, but you should also be aware that dogs dont suffer cholesterol issues like humans do, and in fact FAT is one of the main food types (along with meat protein) that dogs use to gain energy for their systems.

While this is saturated fat, the biggest risk is if a dog was to eat many many grams of the fat and just put on weight. NOTE it is unlikely to have a problem with the marrow from one or two pork bones. Remember that these are 100% natural products, they are not shredded and recombined with large percentages of wheat like so many competitor dog treats are.


We went down to a local park to take this video. My dog Archie goes berserk every time that shine walks past our gate at home, but that is probably because they have known each other mostly since they were both pups.

Shine does have a degree of independence about him, but that goes with most large breed dogs. Thankfully the owner has been very diligent with his walks and his discipline. Keeping such a large dog in check around parks and children is obviously in everyone’s best interests.

But as you can see Shine has NO food guarding issues and is very relaxed with being shown what he can and can’t eat. The only preparation we did for the video is to ensure that Shine had good solid drinks between eating any bones. This was the first bone eaten for the day and it is just great seeing a large powerful dog concentrate on this primal task.

You may wonder why dogs need to eat bones, and if there is any value in it.

For this very reason, I have previously created an article that explains the value and nutrition of bones in a dogs diet. Briefly, the highlights are that bones contain calcium and saturate fat and many micro-nutrients that are essential to the wellness of dogs.

You should also be aware that bones are one of the three main things that you feed a dog on a genuine raw diet. The other two are meat (the main component) and offal. The bones ensure that dogs are eating as close to the diet than they would if they were in the wild sharing a meal with their pack.

You may remember being told that they should only eat small raw bones, and that is correct to a point. Cooking small bones presents a choking hazard and a chance that the sharp bit will stick in their throat or intestine.

However with large bones, for a dog that will chew it all the way to the end, you are often better off having an oven cooked bone, done by professionals. This is because it will be less messy, won’t dangerously splinter, and the outside of the bone often softens causing less damage to teeth.

Article by Bruce Dwyer. If you wish to use any of this information please refer to the article as a reference and provide a link to our WEBSITE.

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