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Beef Jerky Prime dog treat, a choice steak cut for your dog & VIDEO to see its chewability.

Archie dog with Beef Jerky Prime dog treat

Archie dog with Beef Jerky Prime dog treat Unlike dog food meat, this is an ACTUAL identifiable cut of meat. SINGLE ingredient, meat strips, not random mince! A much better chew.

On the flip-side, have you looked at the many kibble and commercial dog food wet can labels lately?  How many often show a juicy raw steak, or large lump of raw meat with no fat streaks in it? Well mostly that is a falsehood.  But before we get onto that, let see why this Beef Jerky PRIME dog treat is SO different, so much better.

Buy Beef Jerky Prime!

Like our regular beef jerky, we suggest to you that this is a brilliant SUPPLEMENTAL single ingredient, single pieces, of high-end beef jerky that you can add to your dog’s diet to boost their meat PROTEIN allocation.

This treat is a rarity in the dog treat world and not guaranteed supply for ever … we hope it is still around when you get to ordering it …


Yes, the video shows Archie (12 year old spoodle) enjoying pieces of topside steak beef jerky … if you are wondering what it looks like, its size and chew-ability – this should help!

You can see real reward for effort in this video – I particularly like the accidental sync up at about the 30 second mark.

REGULAR beef jerky dog treats

We sell these two, and for a few dollars less, and they are perfectly fine. They still have about THREE times the protein requirement of dog food (3 x 18% protein), and are made like almost every other beef jerky on the market from the cow trachea.  And that is absolutely a fine chew for many dogs.

beef jerky prime topside steak dog treat Its just that if you want a known cut of meat, and something a little more Natural looking (very varied in size from 10 cm to 20 cm long and random widths) – that is what the PRIME version we show here is about.

The ugly truth behind dog food ‘steak’

… And why you should consider ALSO buying Beef Jerky PRIME dog treats …

Have you visited your butcher or supermarket lately and seen how much that kind of meat costs per kg?  Chances are that at retail its many times the per kg cost of any kibble you are likely to purchase.

The thing is, even at wholesale that ultra-high-quality steak would still be prohibitive for even the biggest dog food manufactures to include, even with the many tonnes of kibble they churn out per week.

So what is their secret of success?  Or what is the truth behind those images?

Those images are what they call “aspirational” in advertising, the bait and switch to lure a well-meaning owner into buying the same old kibble month in month our, thinking they are getting the ultra-quality choice cut of meat for their dog.

Even at the typical 30% meat content in kibble, the vast majority of dog food manufacturers do not use ANY single clump of meat for their kibble. Not the kind that you would even use for a stew. Not any single piece of meat without massive stripes of fat running through it.  And usually not even a single lump of meat.

Kibble generally uses MDM mechanically de-boned meat that is stripped off bones. This is what is left over once the major decent meat cuts of beef have been used for human consumption etc. Many would argue that is fine, since you are only after the amount of meat to put in the kibble, and it doesn’t matter what it looks like or where it comes from.

But if your dog food includes the word ‘meat by-product’ that is the next level in quality below MDM meat. The point is, that your dog has probably never actually tasted meat from a single cut of meat in their life, if they have only had kibble.


Beef jerky prime dog treat topside steak Yes, the TASTE and TEXTURE can be very different between WHOLE meat strips like our Beef jerky Prime, and the kind of meat that finds its way into kibble.

Beef Jerky Prime also has better chewing quality and can clean dog’s teeth, because its single small and larger strips of WHOLE meat that are dried, NOT RECOMBINED … not shredded and extruded and added to a major wheat or rice mix as is down with kibble.

It’s the most primal, natural experience your dog will get in any BEEF jerky treat.

If your dog deserves better, this is the treat for you …


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