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Feeding your dog Carbohydrates, simple & complex sugars, the complete guide!

atlas-pippa-dog-loveMost people are aware that their commercial dog food contains mostly plant matter, and plant matter has a lot of carbs that along with protein and fat provide energy and other functions for your dog. Carbohydrates typically make up between 60-90% of most plants, by dry matter weight.

But carbs are a very broad class of sugars.   Here is a guide to the differences between carbs.

Carbohydrates (sugars) are made up of Carbon, Oxygen and Hydrogen and are classified into THREE groups:  monosaccharides, disaccharides and polysaccharides.

1             Monosaccharides   are simple sugars and are made of a single unit between three and seven carbon atoms.  The three ‘6 carbon Monosaccharides’   that are the most important for dog nutrition are: glucose, fructose, galactose.

Glucose is found in commercial corn syrup and sweet fruits like grapes and berries. Glucose is vital in dogs as it’s the end product of starch digestion and glycogen hydrolysis.  It is the sugar circulating in the blood stream to give energy to muscles, organs and the brain.  

BUT noting that the body regulates the amount of glucose in the blood and ENERGY can be just as easily be extracted from PROTEIN such as found in meat. Whereas excess sugar turns quickly to fat.

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Dog Food Trials on Palatability of Meat v Veg – what the results mean.

Aussie-Border-PuppyWhat FLAVOURS does your dog like?

What SPECIFIC type of FOOD does your dog love? Meat or Vegetable? Is there a reason?

Did you know that dog food companies have been working at turning grain into the most tasty food on earth, but mostly failing miserably (without excess oil, salt and sugar). They have even worked out how to get around a dog’s natural instinct to stop eating when its full. A great way of causing obesity.

This artificial food (grain or vegetable based) only succeeds with our dogs, because we keep feeding them this food.  Let me explain how this process works.

I have clients who are vegans and vegetarians.  I have people who feed BARF diets and have showed me how obsessed their dogs are at getting a carrot as a reward. Yes, its lovely and crunchy, has vitamins and tastes sweet (full of carbs) … but NO that is not natural food for a dog. 

That is something that sponsored blogs or vets selling grain-based food will tell you to feed your dog, so you get comfortable with feeding your dogs unnatural grain based food. But now there has been at least a minimal experiment to test the Meat V vegetable preferences of dogs.  And a few accidental tips on how to transition a dog over to eating either raw meat or healthy meat based dog treats

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Dog food / dog treat digestibility level of proteins means meat always wins.

dog food digestibility tableThe reason dogs love meat, is that they have evolved from carnivores. The reason dogs NEED meat, is that it is the only source of high protein AND HIGH bioavailable food (ie that they can properly digest).

While dogs can tolerate vegetable foods, LOW digestibility (see table below) shows why MEAT should always be the MAIN food your dog eats – including supplements like Healthy Dog Treats. In fact the 30 % meat 70% grain/ vegetable mix SHOULD be reversed if anything … if it wasn’t for profit losses corporations would incur.

It is true that Vegan dog food exists and is a rising trend, but this is for the benefit of the owner philosophies and their beliefs NOT the health of the dogs.   Grain and vegetables are MUCH CHEAPER than meat or quality offal, and that is the ONLY reason that there is not MORE meat in dog food.

Dogs on a raw balance animal diet (meat, offal and bone) will always do better Healthwise and happiness wise (primal enjoyment of shredding meat) than any other diet. But this is a hard sell to the 97% of commercial dog food buyers out there that have mainly grain or vegetables as the protein source of their dog food.

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LOW FAT dog treats - What percent fat, does your pancreatic dog need?

Happy well fed and exercised little dogs in my carIt seems that every customer that contacts us about their pancreatic dog has been told something different by their vet about what fat level in the dog’s food is good or acceptable for their pancreatic dog.

The reason for low fat food for dogs with pancreatitis: “In dogs, dietary fat is associated with the development of pancreatitis and (excess fat) can cause the secretion of a hormone that induces the pancreas to secrete its digestive hormones.‘ This can cause the pancreas to 'eat itself' and inflammation issues – rather than the hormones being used in the small intestine for digestion purposes.

There is no current CURE for pancreatitis in dogs.  However, there are drugs dogs can take, but most vets agree that feeding dogs a low-fat diet is also very necessary. 

We have read that because the action and treatment of pancreatitis in humans and dogs is very different and there hasn’t been enough large scales experimental research into dog pancreatitis to have consensus at the moment. I.e. lack of controlled clinical trials. So this is why information is purposely vague.

However we have tracked down several reputable sources that give a good minimum fat level agreement. This is especially important in your meat dog treat selection.

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Vegan Dog Food. Ingredient analysis and comparison with affco standards

dog no veganRecently I got an interesting fb message from a Vegan who mostly feeds their dog a vegan diets. I know this is usually frowned upon for cats (as they are scientifically listed as  100% obligatory carnivore). But I was surprised Vegan dog food was becoming accepted as normal in Australia. If you are vegan look away now, for the rest of you I will present the rare analytical analysis of vegan dog food and some of the reasons that it might not be ideal for dogs.

Science and I know that the dog's digestive system is still evolved to mostly eat 80% - 90% animal products,  but with most dog food at 30% meat, it was likely to be a small step for people to eradicate meat entirely. It has always been in the dog food manufactures best interest to include the cheapest ingredients in your kibble.

But vegan means ZERO MEAT. This is highly undesirable for the domestic dog species still mostly classed as carnivore by digestive processes.  In this article we explore exactly HOW and WHY vegan dog food exists, and why you should probably avoid it. Even if you are a vegan or vegetarian. For your dog's health.

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Dog Food protein (essential amino acid levels) & why your dog needs more meat.

Dogs-and-protein-requirementsProtein has been one of the most controversial ingredients of the dog food industry since commercial dog food started becoming popular in America in the 1950's.

People use to know that it was sensible to feed a carnivore pet dog mostly meat, but that was until advertising and marketing in the post war years boomed, in the name of consumerism and profits became more important than ANYTHING else. 

The problem for dogs and dog food is that meat can be ten times (roo and lamb)  as much in wholesale cost to include gram for gram as grain.

So naturally a profit orientated enterprise (ie the corporation) would try and minimise the amount of meat included in dog food and make it seem reasonable/ normal.  This is far from the truth.

We analyse the 'essential amino acid' tables for the most common ingredients in dog food and see why MEAT is truly required.  Not only are all vegetables below minimum levels required in ABSOLUTE terms ...  BUT because of the inefficiency in our carnivore dog's digestion of extracting nutrtion from plants, MEAT is required in much GREATER amounts than is usually supplied in almost ALL commercial dog food .

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Shark cartilage dog treat ingredients good for relieving arthritis, Ok 4 pancreatitis & diabetes.

shark cartilage dog treatsI have listed two major documents on Shark cartilage previously.  One for the shark cartilage dog trials showing great efficacy, and another on shark cartilage dosage levels. The missing part of the equation previously was the actual ingredients inside of them.

And as you will see, while shark cartilage dog treats are amazing for relieving arthritis, bercause they are low fat and no carbs, they are ok for dogs to take that have pancreatitis and diabetes. 

With a little research it is easy to see that its because of the wide variety of sharks used (most of them from the northern hemisphere) - and that most ingredients are cited from labels on very expensive over refined bottles of shark cartilage powder.

We sell shark cartilage powder too, but its just the sticks that ground down, not the over-processed far from natural pharmaceutical concoctions.

The reason I started tracking down the shark cartilage composition was that I got alerted to the missing information recently when someone said their dog had diabetes and they were not sure if shark cartilage was safe for dogs with this disease. I had always believed that shark cartilage had low carbs/ sugar levels, but without hard proof, I have been unwilling to state this. Now we have 'proof'.

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Your Best bully stick GUIDE in Australia - A stick for every dog!

beef-bully-stick-rangeDid you know that Bully sticksBeef Pizzle are the number ONE long chewing dog treat you can buy. They beat those fake compressed vegetable nonsense on every nutrition level, but that there are much more to them and your dog, than one single whole ingredient.

Yes the ingredients are 100% aussie beef muscle meat, but they are much more than that. You see, we have trialled many sources over the years, and most of them DONT reach anywhere near the high standard we set.

Our range is renowned for what we have rejected, as much as their HIGH quality it includes and how wide it spans. THIS is why we know that if you attempt to buy from any other company, even those that farm and dry their own sticks, that you will never get anywhere near the FULL RANGE that we have.

Why people buy bully sticks

Dog owners will mostly tell you that they buy beef bully sticks because they want something that will preoccupy their dog for a long time. This is because dogs can easily get bored and destructive around the house or yard, and not everyone has time to walk their dog every day.

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Surolan ear drops are the best dog Ear medications in Australia.

-happy-poodle-head.In Australia when your dog has an inflammation of the ear issue that is caused by either fungal or bacteria or both a vet will often have a visual inspection, take a swab for specific infection analysis, give cortisone injections and support it with Surolan Ear drops or ointment for you to take home and use daily for ten days or so.

We describe below what ear medications are available for your dog on prescription and off, and what the total options for you and your dog are.

The reason that prescriptions are believed to be necessary for these medications is that they are potent AND vet inspection is necessary for them to visually see that there are not other physical ear issues like lesions or ear drum tears.  They might also see the specific form of the bacteria is so that the right medication can be used rather than trying to control with a general 'broad spectrum' anti bacterial.

This FORMULA used by most ear infection creams you syringe into your dogs ear are triple ACTION. Specifically these medications =  Anti-inflammatory + anti-fungal + antibacterial ointment

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Dog Food regulation in Australia for safety & dog nutrition 2018

The best aussie chicken breast dog treat in AustrarliaAfter recent dog deaths because of pathogens in commercial dog food (pellet) The Australian media is shining a spotlight on what the current dog food regulations are and if they are adequate.

I was recently called by the ABC (SA branch) for input into what possible amendments or regulations I thought could be used to safeguard dogs.

Here is my considered response (after the fact).

Dog food Government regulations, Australia 2012- 2017

In 2012 in response to dog deaths in Australia, a committee of dog food experts was formed and they wrote a paper called "Managing the safety of domestically produced pet meat, and imported and domestically produced pet food." Ref 1

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Can dogs eat squid? Here's a very good nutritional eating and instructional video!

squid-dog-treat-While many people love calamari when they dine out, they may not know how great it is for their dogs. I have included most of the nutritional information in the appendix but here is the summary:

in 100g of cooked squid there are typically about 8g of carbs and 7.5 g of Fat, however out of that fat only 2g are saturated.  The reason it is so healthy is that that 100g has 1.5g of Omega 6 and 0.6g of Omega 3. 

Protein is a good 18g which means that most of the essential amino acids are present in high levels, easily making up for any of the non bioavailable amino in the grains in dog food.

In this article we show you how much our treat master Archie dog, enjoys this wholesome treat !

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Crocodile Feet dog treat instructional eating video by Archie

crocodile-feet-dog-treat-in-Archie-dogs-mouthYou are probably wondering exactly what crocodile feet dog treats are like for a dog to eat. 

If you have ever been to yum cha in China town, you may have already experienced what chicken feet are like a human to eat.

But the big difference is that Crocodile feet might be one of the most perfect Wholefood ' complete' mini meat based dog treats ever.

I have to admit that I was originally sceptical as to whether anyone would buy these treats. You know, because of the 'ick' factor. 

But then I found that many people rise above their initial concerns when they are all about their dog's healthy dog treats, and enjoyment and this is the perfect nexus of both.

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Raw chicken necks Feeding guide without propaganda

chicken neck dog treatsRecently in Australia (2018) the university of Melbourne ran with an article based around the title "raw chicken linked to paralysis in dogs"

An article by " Dr Nerissa Hannink, University of Melbourne"  dresses this up as helpful hints to save our "furry friends".  Unfortunately this "new study"  led by the University of Melbourne’s U-Vet Werribee Animal Hospital, smacks of propaganda, and a scare campaign aimed at driving the people back into the corporate arms of big grain dog food companies, Nothing more.

It is true that 'bad bacteria' will affect ANY ANIMAL that eats it.  It is true that dogs and wolves (dog ancestors) in the wild bury meat in dirt for days at a time, before they dig it up and eat it.  It is true that this is a natural phenomena.

Here are also some more facts (not uncovered by the university) as to why people use chicken necks as dog treats.  Their bones tend not to splinter can provide the perfect natural way of safely getting the right balance of calcium and phosphorus into your dogs body,  Affco guidelines show you how much calcium your dog needs and in what ratio - which is provided in powdered form in most dog food - but not always from bone sources.

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Healthy Meat dog treats - The complete guide and science papers references

two-vizsla-dogsBalanced raw diets are far superior for dogs than commercial (grain) pellet diets. But meat treats are a way of supplementing regular diets to achieve similar results. We look at all of the main science feeding trials and reasons why meat should a prime part of any dog's diet, for best health!

Grain or vegetables were never meant to be eaten by dogs or their ancestors (wolves).

Dogs are 90% + carnivores with only a tolerance to grain digestion shown by some analyse enzymes in their stomachs (but much lower amounts in their mouths than true herbivores or omnivores). This article looks at the studies that support the value of meat.

A recent 2008 study by 'Nestle Purina pet-care research' (major revenue from grain pet foods), does everything it can to scare pet owners into exclusively eating their rood.

In summary, their proposition is that:

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Crocodile Hind leg bone dog treats Nutrition, usage and 3D video

crocodile-hind-leg-bone-dog-treatIf you are a dog treat bone fan, you will have your favourites.  They are often based around the type of animal that the bone comes from (ie owners often use something similar to what a dog eats in its regular dog food). Or they try and find something a little different, little larger, little harder.

The fact is that crocodile bones are one of the oldest original meat proteins that your dog will ever eat.  This means that it's also a very low allergen issue.

There is a little bit of meat left on these bones, but the real bonus is that these bones are the most affordable crocodile bone we stock and coming as a set of two you will have one spare.

The hind bones actually come with an elbow joint, so you actually get two mini bones in the one hind bone, so this pack of two bones means you will actually have four croc bones if you can separate them.

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Crocodile fore leg bone dog treats being eaten video - by MAX

crocodile-fore-leg-bone-dog-treatBefore I tell you how primal and nutritious animal bones are for dogs (ones of the right size and dried properly ... we should back track about how this video got made.

I walk Max (a 16 year old jack russell) a few times a week. He has been a good companion for my dog Archie, but as dogs age, there is always a concern when they get thin, or they lose interest in food. Max still has a good appetite, but he has profound hearing loss and of course is a very old dog.

Well when his owners came for a visit to our house, my young son, decided to leave two sets of door wide open at the back of the house and Max took it upon himself to walk through those doors and go shopping for whatever he could find.

Out of all of the sample treats we were organising for a photo shoot, he chose the crocodile foreleg bone to latch onto. He latched so hard that he would have been swinging off the ground if I tried any harder to get that crocodile bone back. 

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Crocodile Sticks dog treats being eaten video - by Archie

Crocodile-sticks-dog-treats-archie-dog-eating.This is one of our first crocodile treats, and we are extremely happy to be able to provide our loyal customers with the opportunity for their dogs to varying their meat protein consumption.  Varying the species of animal eaten by dogs is the same as any carnivore, it is believed to strengthen immunity and general health.

That aside, there is something kind of fun about a dog eating a crocodile - a sustainably farmed Australian crocodile that is.

Nutrition wise there are many reasons to select crocodile for your dog too.  Extremely low allergen likelihood, high omega 3, brand new protein source .. it has so many things going for it that the Chinese have it as one of the most prized meats for human consumption (curing all manner of ills).

The crocodile stick package

These sticks are quite different from our regular sticks.  The crocodile sticks are slightly longer than our regular sticks (beef, chicken, lamb, and roo) but a lot less dense than the traditional sticks.

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Obligate carnivores OR facultative carnivores? Your dog still NEEDS meat.

a-regular-leopard-dogFor anyone wondering exactly how much a carnivore their dog is, you will readily read on dog food sites that they are not an obligate carnivores.  They are apparently not 'obliged' to eat meat. This statement is used to enable them to feed dogs as little meat as possible (to maintain their profits) It is NOT to give your dogs the best food as they pretend to do.

For years this has been to the extreme detriment of dogs worldwide, and its only getting worse. Instead, grain-based dog food companies misleadingly call dogs facultative carnivores or scavengers and use this to feed your dog mostly cereal!

We know the dogs are carnivores because science experts, not connected with dog food companies continue to implore people to feed their dogs more meat - we quote them below.

If you are wondering how health conscious most pet food companies are, then consider they also don't provide 100% meat to cats (true obligate carnivores). If they feed cats inappropriate food, it gives them license to feed your dogs anything. And that typically means the bare minimum protein that AAFCO labels require.

Note affco do not specify a SOURCE of that protein - hence why "dog food" companies can give you NON species appropriate, non bioavailable foods.  As we have seen from our recent blog articles, the meat amount in dog food is often as low as 20% meat in commercial "dog food" not the 90% it should be.

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Why a Low Carb, High Protein DOG Diet is VITAL (science papers)

good-dog-treats-roo-tendonsAfter scouring the net for science articles on why it was important to feed carnivore dogs carbs and vegetable matter I was not surprised to find scant evidence in science journals.

The last blog article looks at the flimsy excuses repeated across the web for such dog food manufacturer excuses.

I was however extremely surprised to find science papers written about the benefiters of Dogs having a Low Carbohydrate, High Protein diet. I know this, and evolution and dogs know this, but the financial imperative of the stock market doesn't.

So here are some incredible (and science based) reviews of science papers written about how a high protein (ie meat based) diets can perform dog health miracles.

IN summary, meat dog diets are believed to help with obesity, slowing tumour growth, diabetes,  pancreas and kidney issue prevention. 

Note, because of the size and power of the dog food industry that is hell-bent of feeding dogs cheap grain monopolises dog study grants, the number of studies that actually look at the pro case for meat in a dogs diet is not as prolific (on the open internet anyway). However, these few studies and their possible implications should be mind-blowing.

Read more: Why a Low Carb, High Protein DOG Diet is VITAL (science papers)

Why a dog's diet of High Protein Low Carb is medically recommended

bad-carbs-dog-treatsAs anyone has read my blog or bought from our healthy dog treat shop knows, I am a massive advocate of meat protein for dogs from an evolution, digestion point of view. Bio  supports this but I was curious as to what the dog food companies could use to discredit dogs being carnivores and needing High percentages of meat in their diet.

We consult science journals and show you the how the affco table minimum amino acid requirements stack up against grain and meat, and why your dog needs a lot more meat in their diet.

I have read books (written by dog food companies insiders) that give their version of the science reason for carbs being good for dogs, but the truth they use is very subjective and derivative being based on scant 'facts'.

So if you can't really construct a good case of why carnivores should have to eat carbs (except for profits) then second best is to discredit high protein. But as you will see .. the truth is in the omission .. what exactly how is meat connected to kidney issues?  Read on..

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Sardines for dogs are another superfood treats!

Archie-dog-eating-sardine-dog-treatWith the word super-food being thrown around in human terms, it's easy for us to get jaded.

The point with dog food is that they should be eating mostly meat, and that is mostly why we sell 100% meat dog treats.

These sardines are typically around 10 cm long and are filleted (cut down the middle) with heads removed and tails mostly intact.

With most dogs eating beef or chicken in their dog food or dog snacks, a fish dog treat adds a nice boost of nutrition to the mix. Not only does every different meat treat have a different easily digested protein profile (the levels of essential amino acids) but in the case of fish, they also have the most natural form of Omega's and a few other tricks up their sleeve.

We have included the nutrition table for Sardines in the appendix below, and also a video of our resident meat dog treat eating expert Archie, showing you how a poodle does it.

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Why freeze dried dog food Australia isn't as good as slow oven dried methods?

dog-treat-duck-jerkyIn a previous article we looked at what were considered the best treats in the USA by a review online portal.  Curiously the winning treat bragged that its product was freeze dried, and as our treats are typically slow oven dried I thought I would look at the differences in the technology and the end result.

ABOUT FREEZE DRIED dog food Australia  

The review article says that "freeze dried treats are favoured by our experts because they're the most minimally processed option."

BUT - Did you know that there is a 'Goldilocks zone ' for the range of temperatures that meat should be processed and another one for it to be handled and stored? And most articles are about cooking temperature (not freezing) for good reason.

We and many nutritionalists have concerns about how commercial dog food is made because typically it is shredded combined massively heated then extruded into pellets.  The high heat process makes cooking fast and economical but destroys many of the enzymes and nutrition of the meat component of the food.  It is done for convenience - speed and cost - NOT nutritional value.

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Why Healthy dog treats are vital for CATS too

cat-liking-cat-and-dog-treatsI received an email last week from a very satisfied customer who had bought packs of roo tendons for their dog, and they wondered if their cat could have them too.

While mostly dog food companies want you to think that dogs are run of the mill omnivores (they are not, they are 90% carnivore) - cats are generally, universally agreed upon to be obligate carnivores.

Essentially with dogs evolving from wolves only 20,000 years ago, between farmers and regular pet owners trying to save money by feeding dogs inappropriate grain food or food scraps, the domestic dog has built up a resistance to grain and been able to process it somewhat, but nowhere near the bioavailability of meat and offal (their original foods they hunted).

This is how petmed (who makes money from Google ads and commercial dog and cat food ads on their site) describes the difference  " Both species are in the Class Mammalia and the Order Carnivora, but here’s the difference: The cat cannot sustain its life unless it consumes meat in some form. Dogs, however, are able to survive on plant material alone; they do not have to consume meat. But always keep in mind that dogs do best and by nature are primarily meat-eaters." 

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The dog kangaroo rib chewing instruction video

kangaroo-rib-dogtreatKangaroo ribs are a great addition to the very healthy kangaroo bone healthy dog treats range. Every bone in our range serves a specific purpose, and these ribs are great for nutrition (the low fat healthy meat between the ribs) and chewing (the ribs themselves).

Our whole philosophy is based on 100% meat (or bones and offal) products), as nature intended. Likewise where possible, we like to provide these product in their most natural and whole form. That is why except for potentially half a rack to make up the weight, we like to provide FULL rib racks to owners so they can make their own mind up about how to serve these incredible treats.

If you are after one of the hardest longest chewing bones around (but without a lot of meat on it) you will choose the kangaroo clod bone.  The roo tail pieces are a great cube of bone and meat in a similar ration to roo ribs, but of course a very different configuration. 

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