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Kangaroo Jerky LONG, the KING of healthy dog treats


-kangaroo-jerky-dog-eating Yes I have declared it.

While Roo dog treats are one of our best sellers, it is often for either the softer roo sticks/ roo meat balls or regular kangaroo jerky, or the hardest of the meat based roo dog treats – roo tendons and roo cartilage.

As dog treat drying premises change their abattoir, supplies or seasons change, or even territories and shooters, kangaroo products can vary significantly.

We only accept the highest quality roo treats but we have been looking for a while now for a bridge between the very soft roo sticks and ultra hard roo bones.

That search has now ended.

The long format Roo Jerky strip is here.

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While we love our regular roo jerky and expect to continue selling it, it tends to be cut into smaller shapes which makes it accessible to all sizes and breeds of dogs.  but sometimes ou just want a harder longer lasting long chewing treat.

Sometimes people demand low fat, and the organic low fat of Kangaroo jerky also fits that bill.

What you will see in the video on this page is that not only is this roo treat generally les wide and much longer than conventional kangaroo jerky it is a cut of meat that is quite tough.

100% roo jerky doesn’t require grains to glue it together. You will see the grain run through these cuts of roo jerky, sometimes called roo flap. It isn’t the kind of meat that goes into restaurant kangaroo steak, and that is kind of the point. We and dogs don’t always want soft easy to eat dog treats. Most dogs enjoy a challenge and owners enjoy that this challenge extends the chewing time.

Harder chewing treats (non bone) are gentle on teeth but exceptional on teeth cleaning and gum strengthening. They hark back to the day of when dogs were wild and obtained their own meat. They are the closest thing you will get from the kangaroo range that is ALL MEAT.

The next level of chew is roo cartilage and roo tendons, but gram for gram, this meat has maximum nutrition and is considerably more affordable, while still providing a good chewing time for most dogs.

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